Azerbaijan, Tatarstan forge stronger ties across trade, innovation, humanitarian endeavors

    ECONOMICS  17 April 2024 - 19:40

    Discussions were held regarding the development of ties with Tatarstan across various sectors encompassing trade, energy, tourism, industry, innovation, SMEs, and humanitarian activities, as reported by Caliber.Az, citing the Azerbaijani Economy Ministry.

    A meeting was convened between Azerbaijani Economy Minister Mikail Jabbarov and visiting Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan and Minister of Industry and Trade, Oleg Korobchenko.

    The agenda encompassed the expansion of the Azerbaijani-Tatarstan economic partnership, bolstering support for joint endeavors within industrial parks, maximizing the utilization of existing investment promotion opportunities, and fortifying trade relations.

    Subsequently, the 4th meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission on trade-economic, scientific-technical, and cultural cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation took place.

    The co-chairpersons of the intergovernmental commission - Minister of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mikail Jabbarov, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan, Oleg Korobchenko - alongside representatives from relevant state bodies attended the meeting.

    Acknowledgment was made of the successful evolution of bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Russia, emphasizing the multifaceted expansion of strong friendly and fraternal ties with Tatarstan. The pivotal role of cooperation in trade and economics was underscored, with significant potential for augmenting trade turnover.

    Furthermore, promising avenues for partnership development were explored, including collaboration on industrial zones and joint production initiatives. Additionally, prospects in the realms of arts, education, and student exchanges were highlighted.

    Special focus was directed towards the ongoing large-scale reconstruction efforts in Karabakh and Eastern Zangazur liberated from occupation, framed within the Smart City and Smart Village concepts. Notably, these regions have been designated as green energy zones, with a concerted emphasis on alternative energy sources.

    The parties deliberated on the priorities of bilateral cooperation and envisaged opportunities for enhancing ties across trade, transport, energy, agriculture, tourism, construction, industry, innovation, SMEs, and humanitarian activities. Tatarstan companies were extended invitations to leverage the favorable investment climate in Azerbaijan.

    The meeting also featured presentations outlining cooperation prospects in education and culture. Subsequently, the co-chairpersons endorsed the final Protocol outlining the outcomes of the 4th meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission.

    As part of the visit, the Tatarstan delegation toured the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) Alat, acquainting themselves with ongoing initiatives and the created infrastructure. Moreover, arrangements were made for business meetings at the Agency for Development of Economic Zones, the Agency for Promotion of Export and Investment (AZPROMO), as well as at the Baku SME House.


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