Former rival becomes ally in US presidential election
    Nikki Haley backs Trump

    INTERVIEWS  29 May 2024 - 13:53

    Samir Ibrahimov

    Nikki Haley supports former President Donald Trump in the US presidential election. This was announced in Washington by the former presidential candidate from the Republican Party, who was the last to drop out of the presidential primaries. Haley, former US ambassador to the United Nations and former governor of South Carolina, was speaking at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC, and when asked who is more decisive on national security issues - Donald Trump or current President Joe Biden - said that while “Trump has not been perfect on these policies, Biden is a disaster, so I will vote for Trump.” She added that the words she said when she withdrew from the primaries in March are still relevant, meaning she believes Donald Trump should get the votes of Republicans who don't support him.

    Nikki Haley's position endorsing Donald Trump has been characterized by analysts as an important political development, especially in light of the exchange of harsh messages between the two politicians during the campaign, as well as personal statements.

    Nikki Haley was accepted to the Hudson Institute as a senior advisor in April. Speaking at this Institute for foreign policy and national security analysis, Nikki Haley criticized the approach of some Republicans in Congress to foreign policy as a desire to stay out of conflicts around the world, while strongly and sharply criticizing Democrats and Joe Biden's policy. She emphasized the president's decision not to deliver a shipment of weapons destined for Israel.

    “I'm hard-pressed to think of a more foolish move than Joe Biden refusing to provide arms to one of our closest allies,” she said, commenting on the incumbent Democratic president's political legacy, saying he “will go down in history as the commander-in-chief who refused to stop our enemies.”

    Could the potential addition of a politician like Haley to Trump's team significantly sway public opinion in favor of his candidacy in the fall presidential election? After all, she is Trump's former intraparty rival and now, it turns out, his supporter.

    American experts responded to question from Caliber.Az.

    John Varoli, a political observer, noted that Nikki Haley realizes that becoming president through elections is not possible for her, so she is now looking for another way.

    “She wants to become vice president under Trump. It is clear that Trump is not eternal, and Haley expects to become the next president of the United States after him. She has calculated everything perfectly. By the way, we must not forget who is behind Nikki Haley. Behind her are the darkest forces of the USA and the whole planet in general. This is the so-called deep state. These are the people who organized the massacre in the Middle East, which has lasted 30 years. How many Muslims they killed, how many hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq due to their sanctions alone. Wars, destruction, devastation, famine, chaos. Let's not forget the tens of millions of refugees. And it's all because of people like Nikki Haley,” the pundit assured.

    She is a Protestant fanatic, a true religious fanatic. Basically, Haley is the equivalent of the American Taliban. I call them the American Taliban. She represents the interests of that part of society - you have to realize that. They want to take over the White House by any means necessary. It doesn't matter to them how: if Biden was the clear favorite in the race, they would try to gain confidence in him. This oligarchy now wants to put Haley next to Trump just in case, so that she can take his place. Their key priority is foreign policy. That is the expansion of the American empire, the seizure of more and more territories and countries, more wealth. They make huge fortunes from wars,” Varoli noted.

    Analyst, publicist and professor Grigory Ioffe notes in turn that Haley's place in Trump's team is very vague.

    “At least for the moment. It is unclear in what capacity she will be in this team and whether she will be there at all. Therefore, in the objectively emerging hierarchy of materiality or political importance, the questions asked - for now, anyway - are not very high. Perhaps the situation will change, but that will be in the future.

    Yes, Haley's assessment of the situation is very appropriate: I say, I criticize Trump, but Biden is a disaster altogether, so I will vote for Trump. That's the way it is from my point of view. However, at the moment, far more significant for Trump's electoral future are the results of the ongoing trial in New York, where he is forced to sit for weeks instead of campaigning. What will be the verdict of the jury, chosen from among the county's residents, about 90 per cent of whom vote for Democrats?

    How will this decision affect voters? Who will Robert Kennedy Jr. draw more votes away from, Trump or Biden? Will there be a debate? Who will be Trump's vice presidential nominee? These are the things that seem important right now. And so, of course, everything that Haley said is quite, I repeat, adequate and coincides with the opinion of a significant number of Americans,” Ioffe concluded.


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