Armenian criminal company tries to make its way to Azerbaijan under false pretenses

    ANALYTICS  29 July 2023 - 11:37

    Babek Karimov

    Yerevan is trying to carry out a large-scale provocation under the guise of "delivering humanitarian aid to the Armenians of Karabakh". For this purpose, the propaganda machine has already been activated, the diaspora and diplomats from a number of CIS and Western countries, as well as the EU intelligence and observation mission in Armenia, have pulled in. The delivery of 360 tons of the so-called "humanitarian cargo" was entrusted to the Armenian company "Spayka".

    Just a little digging of the net is enough to find out what "humanitarian" affairs Spayka LLC was engaged in during the Second Karabakh War. At that time, Georgian border guards stopped the trucks of this Armenian company as they were trying to transport military cargo across the state border.

    In this vein, during the inspection, it was revealed that military equipment was hidden in the cargo compartments of the trucks of "Spayka" LLC. Thus, Armenians were trying to transport UAZ military vehicles to Armenia and use them in military operations against Azerbaijan. However, these plans were thwarted by vigilant Georgian border guards.

    It was after the war that Spayka LLC Founder and Director David Ghazaryan proudly claimed that four employees of his company had been killed in the fighting. Ghazaryan claimed that his employees were allegedly killed while trying to deliver "food and medicine" to Karabakh.

    The Armenian company is associated with another scandalous story, which caused a great resonance. It became known to the general public that the company's refrigerated trucks were parked in the morgue of Metsamor, in the refrigerated compartments of which the Armenian authorities had hidden the corpses of soldiers liquidated by the Azerbaijani army.

    Trying to hide the real number of losses and fearing public scrutiny, the Armenian authorities could come up with nothing better than to hide the corpses of their soldiers.

    One of the employees of the Spyka company told Armenian media that the company allocated these refrigeration units to the Armenian Defence Ministry. Moreover, Karen Baghdasaryan, the company's deputy director for development, said that during the war, two refrigerators were donated to the Defence Ministry.

    At the same time, he tried to convince everyone that the company was unaware of why the Armenian generals needed the refrigerated trucks. However, the Armenian public, and not only it, is well aware of the connections of the owner of "Spayka" LLC with the former Armenian authorities.

    Thus, the eldest son of the former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan, Sedrak, owned an impressive block of shares in this company. He got rid of these shares only when the Armenian law enforcement agencies began to show interest in the company’s activities.

    Former Armenian Ambassador to the Vatican and the son-in-law of former President Serzh Sargsyan, Mikayel Minasyan, acquired 49 per cent of "Spayka" LLC shares through offshore companies. This was reported by the Armenian Investigative Committee, which was investigating the company.

    There are many facts showcasing the criminal activities of Spayka LLC. Here is another one: in 2019, Armenia’s State Revenue Committee accused the company's director, David Ghazaryan, of large-scale tax and customs duty evasion. The committee filed charges against the businessman on April 4, 2019, and four days later Ghazaryan was arrested for falsifying documents related to the implementation of exports.

    According to the committee, in 2014-2018, Spayka submitted fabricated documents to customs officials when importing a number of cargoes into the country and registered them as ammonium nitrate, thus avoiding payment of taxes in especially large amounts.

    As a result of the investigation, the company was forced to pay $14.5 million in taxes.

    What do we see today? Several trucks of Spayka LLC allegedly carrying "humanitarian cargo" have once again found themselves near the borders of Azerbaijan. Given the rich "track record" of this Armenian company, especially its actions during the 44-day war, any admission of its vehicles to Azerbaijani territory is out of the question!


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