Armenian opportunistic "cleric" calls for popular rebellion against power
    Pargev the Bandit once again speaks out

    ANALYTICS  28 May 2023 - 13:57

    Huseyn Safarov

    The results of the Karabakh war in autumn 2020 not only drastically altered Armenia's geopolitical plans, but also destroyed the corrupt schemes of the Armenian clergy, driving the Armenian Apostolic Church (AAC)'s already aggressive hierarchy into a frenzy.

    One of the most scandalous members of the Armenian clergy is Gurgen Martirosyan - "Archbishop" Pargev, aka Pargev Srbazan, who for many years claimed to be "the Primate of the Artsakh Diocese of the AAC".

    This "clergyman" has it in his head that "all Armenian people reject the defeatist policies of the country's leadership and must therefore rise up and bring about a change of government".

    "Everyone is concerned, but that is not enough, every Armenian must raise his or her voice and say whether he or she wants Karabakh to be Armenian or not. In accordance with this, we will take the second step. If we sit on the couch and wait for our luck, others will decide our fate for us, which is very dangerous. But I believe in our Armenian genius, Karabakh will always remain Armenian; we must fight for this. The one who fights wins. If we despair, we will naturally lose everything," Pargev Srbazan told Alpa News.

    Is it any wonder that the clergyman does not know the Bible, which says that "those who oppose the authorities oppose God's ordinance" and even "those who oppose the authorities, accept their own sin" (Epistle to the Romans, ch.13), and openly calls the people to revolt against the government of the country?

    However, when it comes to sins, Pargev actually has many of them. For example, immediately after the 44-day war, he fled from Karabakh in fear for his fate. According to Srbazan, he went to the US for medical treatment. The cleric had a heart attack after signing the Trilateral Declaration on November 10, 2020 (yes, this is not a joke). However, photographic evidence of his stay in America, where Pargiev visits cafes and restaurants with his diaspora admirers, speaks to the contrary. Isn't lying a sin?

    It is also appropriate to recall how in 2012 the Armenian law enforcement authorities intended to detain the former head of the Internal Troops of the Police Garegin Gabrielyan. The fact is that the Special Investigative Service of Armenia was investigating a case of the sale of weapons and ammunition from the stockpiles of police troops, and Gabrielyan was among the suspects. However, he was not detained at the request of Pargev Martirosyan, as Gabrielyan turned out to be his relative. So much for the commandment of perjury. So, according to one of Pargev's Armenian clerics, not everyone is equal before God.

    Moreover, Srbazan was not squeamish about vandalism either. There is video footage of the priest Pargiev vandalising the Mamai spring in Shusha after its occupation on May 8 1992. In a few days, the Koranic inscription on the building will be replaced with Armenian sayings.

    It is enough to say that Martirosyan was also repeatedly exposed by Armenians themselves. Journalist and blogger Roman Baghdasaryan claims that Martirosyan, who fled Karabakh during the occupation, made his fortune by selling flats of Azerbaijanis in Shusha. He also imposed tribute on the entire Armenian population of Karabakh - the funds from religious rituals went into the pocket of “Father Pargev”. However, as soon as Azerbaijan liberated its territories, Pargev lost power and fled Karabakh. According to blogger Baghdasaryan, "Father Pargev" fled to the United States for the sake of a well-fed and comfortable life.

    "For two years, telegram channels have been lying about Pargiev being in serious condition and having heart surgery. "Holy Father" Pargiev is a billionaire and does not need the money, but for a package of documents, he does not disdain to deceive US authorities and pretend to be indigent. He gets money through the WELFARE system. WELFARE is the generic name for the social benefits that are part of the American welfare system for the poorest citizens. The programmes cover individuals and families who, for one reason or another, do not earn enough to maintain a certain standard of living in a market economy. Do you believe that Pargev has no money for groceries and cannot ask Bako Sahakyan or Catholicos Garegin to pay for his groceries?

    P.S. This man swore to the people of Karabakh that he would live on their land for the rest of his life. Who knows how much money he has raised in Karabakh and what kind of deeds he has been involved in! Now he must support the people, instead of sitting in the US and fraudulently “packing” documents," Baghdasaryan wrote at the time.

    And it is difficult to disagree with him, as Pargiev is not the first who during all years of occupation of Karabakh has made a profit out of Armenians living there, waving his censer at them. And today, sitting in the US in comfort and prosperity, he is pushing all Armenians to overthrow Pashinyan.

    All his proclamations once again prove that it is the Armenian Church that is in the vanguard of revanchist sentiments in Armenia. After all, no one has forgotten how Catholicos Garegin II, with a machine gun in his hands, called Armenians to war for a foreign land, for foreign towns and villages, encouraging them to kill in the name of the mythical "Great Armenia". Does this not suggest that Armenian clerics are inherently criminal in their thoughts and intentions? The Catholicos of Armenians acts as an instigator of war and bloodshed, even though he should be calling for peace...

    In any other country such actions by the clergy would raise many questions, but in Armenia, they are still regarded as 'heroes of the spirit'. Over the years the Armenian Church has played more of a political organisation than a religious one. In almost all the wars in which Armenians have been involved, there has been a connection between Armenian war criminals and their religious leaders. There is evidence of Armenian bandits disguising themselves as monks after the massacres at the front. Such was, for example, a certain "Father Hovhannes" (Ter-Hovhannes Hovhannisyan), known for his atrocities against the peaceful Azerbaijani population during the First Karabakh War.

    Even today, Armenian clergy members are trying to sow confusion in the minds of Armenians to suit their egos and their dubious understanding of the political processes ongoing on in the region.


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