Armenia is begging for new war with Azerbaijan
    And new shameful defeat

    ANALYTICS  15 September 2023 - 10:07

    Matanat Nasibova

    Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, speaking at a government meeting, voiced a declarative statement, the essence of which is that Yerevan will submit its new comments on the text of the peace treaty to Baku "within a reasonable period of time".

    "The Republic of Armenia has received Azerbaijan's new comments on the text of the peace treaty with Armenia. We will work on them and will present our comments within a reasonable period of time," Pashinyan said, not failing to add his usual, absolutely meaningless phrase that "peace in the South Caucasus has no alternative".

     However, he did not forget to remind about the notorious "humanitarian crisis in Garabagh" and about "negotiations" between Baku and the Armenian community of the Garabagh region under the aegis of some international peacemakers, which has long been a dream of Armenia.

    Azerbaijan's policy towards the Armenians living in the Armenia region and dialogue with them is certainly a special concern of the Azerbaijani state, but at the same time, it is also a purely internal affair. Azerbaijan’s representatives will speak directly with the Armenian population of Armenia, without any intermediaries and international advisers. And Yerevan has nothing to catch here.

    Secondly, Pashinyan's provocative statements clearly demonstrate that Armenia has not given up its territorial claims to Azerbaijan, despite the loud declarations of its prime minister about the recognition of Garabagh as Azerbaijani. In general, little has changed in the policy of the Armenian authorities, in any case, foreign policy is still extremely inconsistent and contradictory - today one thing, tomorrow another. The naked eye can see that Yerevan, only slightly veiling its intentions with Pashinyan's meaningless speeches, chooses war.

    The situation on the conditional Azerbaijani-Armenian border is really complicated - Armenian provocations with the shelling of positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces follow one after another, and Azerbaijan is forced to give an adequate response.

    There is no doubt that the targeted shelling by Armenians was undertaken to provoke Azerbaijan into large-scale military action. But Yerevan hopes or perhaps has already secured, that it will be supported by third forces and countries, mainly France. Armenia has realised that betting on Russia does not yield results, which, by the way, Pashinyan himself admitted in his interview with Politico.

    "Yerevan can no longer rely on Moscow, despite the fact that there are growing fears of a resumption of open conflict with Azerbaijan," the prime minister said.

    Meanwhile, in its commentary on Pashinyan's statements, Politico notes that while recognising the need to stop depending on the old ally Russia, the prime minister foresees that there is a long way to go before Western countries can be seen as Armenia's backbone and support.

    "Our partners, the EU and the United States support us when it comes to the democratic reform programme," he proudly declared, but added more pitifully: "I cannot say that the support and assistance we receive is sufficient to achieve our goals and our plans".

    It follows that the Armenian prime minister's attempts to sit on several chairs were unsuccessful.

    De facto Armenia has found itself in a deadlocked situation and is becoming increasingly entangled between the West and Russia, turning into a bargaining chip in the political game in the South Caucasus. The only way out of this impasse is peace with Azerbaijan, but the policy of the Yerevan authorities at this stage increasingly indicates that Armenia is preparing to get back on the warpath.

    If this is the case, Armenia will suffer a new shameful defeat, after which the Armenian statehood itself, which is already held by a thread, will finally collapse.


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