Azerbaijani, Armenian commission meets to find solution to undemarcated border
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    MULTIMEDIA  01 December 2023 - 16:38

    The road leading to a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia is going through ups and downs with no light at the end of the tunnel at this stage unless something extraordinary occurs by the end of 2023.

    The painful and slow advance of the peace process is irritating Azerbaijan though the latter also bears in mind the dictum that the winner should be benevolent and wait until the defeated party realizes the gravity of the situation.

    Voices heard and messages read coming out of Armenia reveal the truth though they still believe in miracles, rallying wide-ranging foreign-based patrons to rescue the aggressor nation that destroyed Azerbaijani villages and towns in Karabakh through the scorched earth policy. The Armenian governments were hoping that the natives, ousted from their lands by throat-cutters, would not be keen on going back to their just-completed sweet homes though their hopes were dashed on the battlefield.

    The unfolding resettlement process back to the wider Karabakh region which has become possible only after the 2020 second Karabakh war, once again proves the loyalty of the natives to their lands, disappointing the enemy. Azerbaijan has proved it can afford to rebuild the annihilated region again from scratch by introducing state-of-the-art technologies and projects to create residential estates of the XXI century.

    With the reconstruction process in Karabakh in full swing and the ongoing relocation of the IDPs back to their rebuilt homes, Azerbaijan is pursuing the policy of bringing the process to its logical end by signing a comprehensive peace deal to end years-long enmity by delimitating and demarcating the 1,007 km joint border.

    On November 30, the fifth meeting of the state commission on the delimitation of the state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia and the commission on the delimitation of the state border and border security of the two countries was held on the border.

    The parties reached an initial agreement on a text of the regulation on organizing and holding meetings and joint working meetings between the state commission on the delimitation of the state border.

    Azerbaijan and Armenia also agreed to commence the work on the negotiation of the draft regulation on the joint activities of the state commission on the delimitation of the state border and came to an agreement to intensify the meetings of the commissions, as stated by the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

    The infographic below sheds light on the huge task the commission is vested with to tackle and intensify the process of preparing and signing a peace deal between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

    The length of the borderline to delimitate and demarcate is 1,007 km.

    The commission, chaired by Azerbaijani and Armenian Deputy Prime Ministers Shahin Mustafayev & Mher Grigoryan, was established on May 23, 2022.

    The total number of meetings the two countries held so far stands at 5.

    1. May 24, 2022, Azerbaijani-Armenian border
    2. August 30, 2022, Moscow, Russia
    3. November 3, 2022, Brussels, Belgium
    4. July 12, 2023, Azerbaijani-Armenian border
    5. November 30, 2023, Azerbaijani-Armenian border

    To date, the outcome of the meetings

    • Initial agreement reached on a text of the regulation on organizing and holding meetings and joint working meetings between the state commission on the delimitation of the state border;
    • Agreed to start work on the negotiation of a draft regulation on the joint activities of the State Commission on the delimitation of the state border
    • Azerbaijan & Armenia agreed to intensify meetings.


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