Azerbaijani-Turkish joint drills: pontoon bridges, landing forces, cohesion
    Armed and ready we stand

    ANALYTICS  06 December 2022 - 11:28

    Vadim Mansurov

    Azerbaijan, armed and always ready to fight back, hosts joint Azerbaijani-Turkish military drills. The scale of the scenario is impressive: Turkish and Azerbaijani servicemen of different types of forces are practicing joint tasks in several regions of the country simultaneously, which means Baku and Ankara once again demonstrate their readiness to act as a single organism to pre-empt any external threats.

    The Azerbaijani Defence Ministry's press service reports that units of Ground Forces, Air Force, Special Forces, Engineering Forces, Rocket and Artillery Forces of the Azerbaijani Army together with servicemen of the Turkish Armed Forces carry out various training and combat tasks. The maneuvers are held in Baku, as well as on the territory of the Astara, Jabrayil, and Imishli districts.

    Undoubtedly, this is an eloquent example for all those who look at our country sideways and even more so, who threaten or try to blackmail us. Baku is committed to peace and is ready to seek a way to a consensus, but if someone does not wish good and threatens our security, and does not recognize the sovereignty of our borders, we can respond with the utmost severity. Provocative and offensive statements and saber-rattling by Tehran and Yerevan are a warning to Baku that it is necessary to inspect its Armed Forces once again and to work out once again every possible step for an adequate reaction in case of necessity. It never hurts to check the skills of our and Turkish servicemen and, of course, the potential of the combat equipment. Here we are ready to "please" any rival and foe with a fair number of military surprises.

    We would like to recall that, in addition to training at military academies in various countries, our army has its own unique combat experience - participation in the 44-day war, which tested not only professionalism but also courage, fortitude, and loyalty to the motherland. Under the most difficult weather and terrain conditions, the Azerbaijani soldiers broke through Ohanyan's supposedly impassable "line of defence," which consisted of many military fortifications, communications, and air defence facilities, and the special forces overcame really impregnable rocks and liberated the pearl of Karabakh - the city of Shusha.

    All that hardened our army and made it one of the strongest in the region. The Iranian side can make grand gestures, shoot impressive videos about the "greatness" of the national military forces, fire guns and throw pontoon crossings over the Araz, demonstrating "determination", but you should know - the Azerbaijani Army is ready for any task, we are not surprised by this muscle flexing. It is not by chance that today the victorious strategy and tactics of Azerbaijan in the 44-day war are studied with interest in the military universities of many advanced countries.

    There is something to surprise and, as already noted, "please" the enemy: as reported in the summary of the Defence Ministry, "at the exercises, taking into account the ways of modern combat, various tasks on the use of artillery, aircraft and other types of troops in military operations, organization of cohesion, throwing pontoon bridges over rivers to make the passage, as well as landing in the depths of the conditional enemy" are performed. The Azerbaijani Army also took care of the pontoon bridges, which may be necessary for crossing the river Araz, which our Iranian neighbors recently tried to use as an element of intimidation - saying that in a moment we will cross and go further to Azerbaijan. If necessary, the water obstacle will not stop Azerbaijani soldiers. By the way, the video of the exercises perfectly shows it all - we advise the enemies of our country "from the other side" of the Araz to watch it.

    In case of need, we can respond with all the power we have - for example, our own, produced in Azerbaijan weapons and aerial bombs, Israeli Harop UAVs and Lora SAMs, Belarusian Polonez and, of course, the legendary Bayraktars, and not only them. We won't tell about all available means, but believe me, for the soul of every enemy there is a unique special means.

    By the way, if anyone still has questions about how important these exercises are for Ankara itself, we would like to inform you: the Turkish Minister of National Defence, Hulusi Akar and other high-ranking officers of the Turkish Armed Forces will visit Azerbaijan to observe the joint exercise of the Azerbaijani and Turkish militaries at the invitation of the Azerbaijani Defence Minister, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov.

    This is not just a show game for the public: the Defence Ministry reminds in its information that the exercises are carried out in accordance with the agreement on cooperation in the military sphere concluded between Azerbaijan and Türkiye.

    As for the level of preparation and tasks of Azerbaijani and Turkish troops, the main focus of the joint exercises is to ensure "combat coherence in the interaction of troops, improvement of command, exchange of experience and increase of professionalism of personnel". So our "Fist" is very strong and hits for sure - do not test its power for no serious reason.


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