Armenian myth burst by Berlin's jab
    Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

    ANALYTICS  28 February 2024 - 17:44

    "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." The author of this aphorism is believed to be Abraham Lincoln - one of the greatest American politicians. Armenian propagandists would do well to remember this famous saying in order not to look too ridiculous. However, they have been looking that way for a long time.

    The point is that Armenian propaganda has been feeding its society a huge number of myths for decades. These were myths about the "invincibility" of the Armenian army, the "impassability" of the so-called "Ohanyan Line", the readiness of the CSTO to fight on the side of Armenia against Azerbaijan, about the ability of world Armenians and politicians from different countries of the world, engaged by them, to prevent the restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

    The collapse of these myths, which began with Armenia's defeat in the 44-day war and ended with a brilliantly prepared and conducted one-day anti-terrorist operation in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, plunged the Armenian society into a state of shock, fear and despondency. The search for those responsible for the collapse of Armenian myths continues to this day, presenting a tragicomic spectacle.

    In parallel, Armenian propaganda creates new myths. It tries to pass them off as truth. The Armenian society, which is used to living with different myths and cannot tolerate their absence, is being deceived. But this trick, in full accordance with Lincoln's saying, is doomed to failure, if we talk about the long term.

    Another bubble of Armenian propaganda burst when it came into contact with the arguments of Lisa Winkelmeier-Becker, Chairwoman of the Bundestag Legal Affairs Commission of Germany. The day before, she answered the questions of Armenian journalists at the German embassy in Yerevan. One of the questions simply amazed her from the point of view of cynical, brazen, and primitive manipulation. Armenian propagandists tried to put their country and Ukraine on the same scale. That is, the country-occupier and the country-victim of occupation. Clearly, the German politician freaked out from such impudence.

    "Of course, human dimensions are equal in all cases, but from the point of view of international law Karabakh is on the territory of Azerbaijan," said Lisa Winkelmeier-Becker.

    This was a bucket of ice water poured on the Armenian propagandists, who had become completely insolent. They are primitively and vainly trying to present their country, which has kept 20 per cent of the territory of Azerbaijan under occupation for more than a quarter of a century, almost as a "victim of occupation". And this is even though there are specific and clear resolutions on this issue.

    For example, 4 resolutions of the UN Security Council and General Assembly, which were never implemented by Armenia, demanded the immediate withdrawal of all Armenian illegal armed formations from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Moreover, Armenia, regardless of who is in power, denies its guilt for the genocide in Khojaly, as well as ethnic cleansing in Armenia itself and the occupied territories of our country. Although there are living witnesses to these horrifying crimes. It is amazing that having such a long trail of crimes, Armenia tries to accuse our country of something. Until now, I should also note, refusing to return to Azerbaijan eight villages still under Armenian occupation.

    It would seem that this was already the peak of cynicism and lies on the part of Armenian propagandists promoting the theses sent down to them from "above". But no! As we can see, Armenian propagandists actively disperse the new myth, comparing their country with Ukraine. This is even though Armenia is still a member of the CSTO, having never submitted an official statement of withdrawal from this organization.

    Against this background, the Armagitprop is actively working on creating another primitive myth, shamelessly trying to equalize Armenia and Ukraine. Not only are they trying to deceive their people all the time, but they are also trying to do the same with politicians from other countries.

    Consequently, they will have another fiasco, as happened in the case of Lisa Winkelmeier-Becker, and as it will happen in every new case when a foreign politician who respects international law responds to Armenian propagandists.


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