Armenia showing aggressiveness after meeting in Brussels
    Shelling, gathering of troops, false statements

    ANALYTICS  11 April 2024 - 12:40

    Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has recently made several provocative statements while discussing the report on the implementation of the five-year programme of the Armenian government (2021–2026) as of 2023 in the parliament.

    Pashinyan pointed out that the importance of normalisation and intensification of relations is the key to the further development of Armenia’s sovereignty and statehood. This thought seems to be normal and adequate.

    However, Pashinyan mentioned that there are external and internal challenges.

    Among the external challenges, Pashinyan mentioned Azerbaijan’s alleged ongoing aggressive policy, border provocations, constant occupation of the sovereign territories of Armenia, the purchase of weapons worth tens of millions of dollars, and so on.”

    Every word in Pashinyan’s statement is a lie. Armenia kept 20 per cent of Azerbaijan’s territory under occupation for more than a quarter of a century, rather than vice versa. There was the 44-day second Karabakh war in the Azerbaijani territory provoked by Pashinyan’s statements, rather than on the Armenian territory.

    During the 44-day Karabakh war, Armenia attacked Azerbaijani civilians by using missiles and artillery, as a result of which hundreds of old people, women, and children were killed and wounded.

    The Armenian leadership financed the Karabakh junta from its state budget. The weapons were supplied from Armenia to Khankendi. The Armenian side planted mines. Azerbaijanis are still dying as a result of mine explosions.

    The Armenian side is actively purchasing weapons from France and India by preparing for military revenge. Baku has repeatedly pointed this out. The French ambassador to Armenia was making scandalous statements about the weapons which are being supplied to the Armenian side. This proves that Azerbaijan is right.

    Finally, when Pashinyan lied in the Armenian parliament, trying to blame Azerbaijan for border provocations, an incident that exposed the awkward Armenian prime minister occurred.

    The information went viral that the incident occurred on the territory of the border combat point of the “Gubadli” separate border division of the Azerbaijani State Border Service in the settlement of Jijimli of the Gubadli district on April 10 at about 15:20 (GMT+4).

    While trying to prevent the violation of the state border, the Azerbaijani border guards were fired at from a combat post of the Armenian Armed Forces from the opposite side, as a result of which senior lieutenant Rovshan Mammadov was wounded.

    As we see, the Armenian side  commits provocation once again. An Azerbaijani officer, rather than an Armenian officer, was wounded. Who is to blame for border conflicts? The question is rhetorical.

    Has the Armenian side admitted its guilt? Of course not! The Armenian National Security Service issued a statement regarding the incident.

    “A shootout occurred. As a result of the incident, one Azerbaijani serviceman was wounded,” the statement said.

    Who shot at an Azerbaijani officer? Did aliens shoot? Surely not, the Armenian side shot. Armenia’s phrases about readiness to conduct a joint investigation with Azerbaijan are a primitive attempt to justify itself.

    Azerbaijan has been recently observing the Armenian side’s provocative actions.

    Thus, the Armenian Armed Forces from the positions in the Istisu settlement fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani army in the direction of the Istisu settlement in the Kalbajar district by using small arms on April 9 at about 10:40 (GMT+4). The Azerbaijani army returned fire.

    The Armenian Armed Forces fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani army in the Lachin district. The Armenian side’s provocations occurred after a trilateral meeting among Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Brussels.

    Even on April 5, the Armenian side committed provocations, which were pointed out by the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry.

    Moreover, the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry stated that armoured vehicles, artillery installations, as well as other heavy fire weapons and intensive movement of the Armenian armed forces have been recently observed in various directions of the conditional Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

    Of course, Yerevan denied this. After the Brussels meeting, an information attack on Azerbaijan was launched by deputy editor-in-chief of the French Le Figaro magazine Jean-Christophe Buisson and the US freelance journalist Lindsey Snell who are always spreading Armenian lies. They lied and accused Azerbaijan of preparing for “major attacks”.

    Certainly, after the proven fact of the Armenian side’s provocation, after the injury of the Azerbaijani border guard, they fell silent. However, their cowardly silence does not change anything. Azerbaijan has evidence that the provocation was committed by the Armenian side.

    This also testifies to Pashinyan’s false speeches. Azerbaijan will decide how to respond to all these provocations, realising that one must not believe the Armenian officials’ statements.


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