Armenian special forces' bold move
    Confiscation sparks political backlash

    ANALYTICS  24 June 2024 - 17:07

    The remaining representatives of the Karabakh junta might consider reading this message in Levitan's voice, with his distinctive verbal flourishes. In such a rendition, it would likely be articulated as follows: "On Friday, June 21, treacherously and without an official declaration of war, Armenian special forces orchestrated a punitive operation aimed at pressuring the sole former leader of the 'freedom-loving separatists,' Samvel Shahramanyan, who miraculously evaded extradition to Baku."

    In reality, the incident pertains to Armenian special forces exerting considerable effort to breach the gates of the "representation" of Karabakh separatists in Armenia. This raises a pertinent question: what form of "representation" persists, given that the "Artsakh" project dissolved following last September's meticulously executed anti-terror operations in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan?

    This narrative starkly contrasts with the frequent assertions by official representatives in Yerevan that Armenia stands prepared to imminently conclude a peace treaty with Azerbaijan. Those genuinely inclined towards peace would logically have dissolved the "representation" of Karabakh separatists in Yerevan long ago. Yet, as events reveal, it remains operational.

    Regarding the confiscation of Shahramanyan's official vehicle, another pertinent query emerges: what specific role does it serve? What is its official designation, who bears its costs, and what objectives does it pursue? These questions are poised to leave the Armenian leadership in an uncomfortable position upon their hearing.

    At the same time, it's worth noting that the entire Armenian special forces unit was deployed to seize a single vehicle belonging to the former leader of the Karabakh junta. This incident underscores the operational focus of Armenian special forces: storming gates and seizing official vehicles. Whether any members of the special forces involved in this operation will be promoted or awarded remains to be seen. While there isn't yet a medal titled "For Taking Sumo Car," its creation seems inevitable.

    Another pertinent question arises: what was the financial cost associated with acquiring this vehicle? Clearly, it is not the only one in Shahramanyan's possession, as he also owns real estate in Yerevan and other Armenian cities—a fact frequently highlighted by Armenian TV channels and traditional media.

    These outlets are now quoting the lawyer representing the former head of the Karabagh junta, who notably remains unnamed. This omission appears to underscore the notion that the lawyer's identity is inconsequential when someone is willing to vigorously defend an empty position with grand ambitions and a controversial past. Clearly, this unnamed lawyer is vociferously protesting: "They are attempting to confiscate the car without a court order."

    Artur Khachatryan, a member of National Assembly’s Armenia Faction, ventured further with his commentary, expressing views that could be construed as detached from reality. "This is purely a political statement directed towards Azerbaijan, signaling that we comply with all your directives. It also serves as a message to 'Artsakh' residents, discouraging their involvement in Armenia's political and public processes," he remarked.

    Nonsense? Of course. And why did the Armenian authorities actually decide to send a very clear message to Samvel Shahramanyan? The answer is obvious.

    Just the other day he made a very important statement exposing the leadership of Armenia. According to this separatist, who miraculously escaped capture and delivery to Baku, the so-called "Karabakh Defence Army", even before the one-day anti-terrorist operation in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, was subordinate to the Armenian Ministry of Defence and was its territorial subdivision, which Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan "understands perfectly well".

    "Until the last day, the 'Karabakh Defence Army' was subordinate to the Armenian government and was a structural subdivision of the Armenian Defence Ministry," Shahramanyan told reporters. And that was not all. "As for what we left billions worth of serviceable weapons there... Nikol Pashinyan should know very well on whose balance sheet the weapons were, who was responsible for these weapons, to whom the 'defence army' was subordinated," Shahramanyan added.

    And these statements put the incumbent Armenian Prime Minister and his entire team, who are actively and feebly trumpeting their readiness for peace with Azerbaijan, in an extremely unenviable position. After Shahramanyan's words, it once again became clear that Nikol Pashinyan is no "dove of peace".

    We see before us a liar and a cynic, whose hands are in blood no less than those of Levon Ter-Petrosyan, Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargysyan. And he, as we see, took revenge on the one who tore off his mask. But by taking revenge on the last leader of the Karabakh junta, Pashinyan ended up making himself look ridiculous and deceitful. Not for the first time. And obviously not for the last time.

    Akbar Hasanov


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