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    ANALYTICS  20 May 2022 - 15:10

    Samit Aliyev

    I will tell you about real democracy and even help you build it. Democracy is not just the power of the people, democracy is the power of the American people.

    The organization NED (National Endowment for Democracy) was established in 1983, mainly funded by the US Congress. The Council is composed of intelligent, authoritative people, ranging from former defence ministers to senators. And that's right, the coordination of interference in the internal affairs of other states is the concern of competent people, not those recruited by the ad. "Much of what we do today, 25 years ago, the CIA did secretly," Allen Weinstein, one of the founders of the organization, said in 1991. People of his level don't play words and don't make mistakes. It was most likely a message: we are going to do good with an open face shield. That's how it happens: they do good, then they take it away. I studied statistics and came to the conclusion that the organization is profitable, the people work active and solid, and the main slogan is: collect all things in a heap and give them to the USA.

    About $40 million has been spent on promoting democracy in Egypt since January 2011. Egypt has oil, gas, copper and iron ores. A total of 600 thousand dollars in 2019, and 1 million in 2020, respectively were spent for Tibet's secession. Tibet has uranium, tin, copper, and as a nice bonus - the weakening of China. If anyone wants to study Tibet in detail, let them take an interest in the exhibition of photographs organized by Anna Louise Strong, in 1959, if I remember rightly. It displayed everything that this region was rich in before the CPLA (China's People Liberation Army) entered there - sets of special torture devices. From 1994 to 2018, more than $10 million was spent on the Hong Kong Independence Movement program. Another $640,000 was spent on the protest movement in Hong Kong in 2019 by NED. This is also about China.

    From 1999 to 2019, about $4 million was spent in Venezuela to overthrow Chavez and Maduro, not counting the cost of Guaido's training in Belgrade. Venezuela has oil.

    The list is impressive. It includes Uganda (bismuth, tantalum, cobalt, and niobium), the Arab Spring, and Nicaragua (from 1984 to 1988 the NED spent about $2 million on attempts to overthrow Ortega, in 2016-2019 - $4.4 million, almost openly calling in 2018 to attack the government and assassinate the president).

    The fund also left its imprint on Azerbaijan. According to some reports, from 2004 to 2014, the NED gave 78 grants worth $3.5 million to Azerbaijani NGOs, with the bulk of the grants ($2.3 million) allocated from 2010 to 2013. It was an interesting time back then, entertaining, if anyone remembers.

    By the way, "colour revolutions" are a favourite product of this American organization. However, these revolutions are not the main reason for the destabilization of the situation in this or that country, they never appear out of the blue, because the internal crisis is always the consequence of mistakes and miscalculations of the national elites. Geopolitical opponents simply use any opportunity to aggravate the situation and turn it in their favour. It is an instrument of pressure, nothing more.

    An NGO is a powerful weapon, no worse than an aircraft carrier, and, as an aircraft carrier, is an indispensable means to promote its interests. But it is cheaper, and therefore better. Separatism? Let's mature and admit that separatism is one of the methods to weaken your opponent and force him to do what you want. Don't look at the stick they want to hit you with, look at the hand that holds it and learn. Create your own NGOs that can be used on the territory of other countries. Utopia, you say? Why not try it? What is it worth to allocate a small amount, well, say, 50 thousand dollars, for example... for the development of the Corsican language? I am sure that the supporters of Corsica's independence will respond with delight to such a proposal. How could you think that! We support the territorial integrity of France, there is no military solution to this conflict, and it must be resolved to take into account the right of the Corsican people to self-determination (I almost quote the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs). The money is small, but the benefits are huge, those who need it will understand. The state needs NGOs like an atomic bomb: we will just quietly test it at home, and others. I don't feel sorry for others. What's that? Well, no one pitied us either and is not going to continue.

    When they leave, they always nail it down, so they have something to hold on to in the future. They always leave to come back. Slowly, carefully, discreetly and often in white robes. Because, as one of Le Carré's characters said, "Don't forget, we never pull the plug."


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