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    ANALYTICS  19 May 2023 - 09:58

    Murad Abiyev

    To what extent the Brussels meeting between the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders was a milestone event can be judged at least by the violent reaction in the Armenian political and media space to EU Council President Charles Michel’s final statement. In short, Michel is now called a hypocrite in Armenia.

    Here is another interesting statement: "Only traitor Nicol [Armenian PM] could make Charles Michel a mediator solving Armenia's issues,” MP from the " I Have Honor" parliamentary faction Anna Mkrtchyan says in a video posted on Facebook. The MP’s remarks imply that by definition Michel is a very bad person, so much so that there are no suitable words to describe him.

    So, one can say that the EU Council president has already been included in the list of existential enemies of the Armenian people. The question is, why? For announcing the recognition of the territorial integrity of each side. For not promoting a status for Karabakh Armenians. At the very least for not slowing down the process of the Armenian-Azerbaijani settlement.

    Michel is not a hypocrite. He simply understands the changed reality and respects its compliance with international law. We Azerbaijanis have changed this reality. Moreover, as head of the EU Council, Michel is trying to break through the armour of hypocrisy that Europe has built over three decades of appeasing the aggressor. And one has to admit that, unlike Emmanuel Macron, Charles Michel is a man of common sense. And common sense is a vitally important vitamin, which is definitely in short supply in Armenian society, as well as in the patrons of the aggressive Armenian project.

    However, these same patrons seem to be gradually realising the new reality, which is accompanied by an angry response from the Armenian public.

    "Goodbye, unwashed Russia," the raving Sasna Tsrer (Armenian party) functionary quoted the Russian classic in a hysterical and inappropriate manner.

    Now it's united Europe and its president’s turn. Just wait and see for the Kocharyan-Sargsyan media and MPs to bully old US President Joe Biden and energetic Blinken. Scholz, Lavrov and even Putin himself are lined up for the Armenian rebuke, who will be reminded of his words about Karabakh belonging to Azerbaijan. Only Macron, supported by his formidable minister-diplomat Colonna, is still a daredevil. True, one can already sense the anxious silence, foreshadowing the guttural roars of the unbridled Armenian Francophony...

    In short, the Armenians have everyone to blame but themselves. Here it is perhaps appropriate to quote Joseph Brodsky in his address to the graduates of the University of Michigan: "No matter how disgusting your situation may be, try not to blame it on external forces: history, the state, superiors, race, parents, the phase of the moon, childhood, untimely potty training, etc... The moment you place blame on something, you undermine your own determination to change something."

    Wonderful words from an elderly Jew, a representative of the people Armenians are so eager to emulate, without possessing even a modicum of inherent wisdom. When you stop blaming external forces - you will stop counting on them and then, maybe, you will understand that you should at least cooperate, if not be friends, with Azerbaijanis and Turks. Look around and see: you have no one but us. Not in the sense that we love you, but that there are only us, Turks, around. It has always been this way. So, it will be in the future.

    The Armenian public should also learn that there are three lethal weapons on Azerbaijan's side: truth, strength, and intelligence. There is no narcissism in this statement, only naked reality.

    The truth is that international law is on Azerbaijan’s side. If all your cries about the right of peoples to self-determination were even remotely relevant to the Armenian community of Karabakh, they would be the cornerstone of negotiations for the entire thirty years of occupation. However, back in the late nineties, through the efforts of Azerbaijani diplomacy, the priority was the recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity.

    The strength is that the Azerbaijani army is stronger than the Armenian one. Both: in terms of motivation and courage, and in terms of equipment and combat training. And Azerbaijan’s military budget will also always be greater than Armenia’s, and there are no other factors for Armenia to balance this imbalance. Besides, Azerbaijan’s population will also always be many times larger than Armenia’s.

    Azerbaijan’s intelligence is that it uses all the resources at its disposal to consolidate its position in the region and the world. And it's not just about minerals. It is the strategic mindset of its elites.

    Just one example: In 1998, national leader Heydar Aliyev had little trouble excluding the Karabakh Armenians from the negotiation process by skillfully pushing Armenia's newly minted president Robert Kocharyan, who wanted to sit one-on-one with the coryphaeus of the Soviet political elite. For him, it was a matter of pride, which Heydar Aliyev skillfully took advantage of. This is just one example of intelligence.

    These three factors leave Armenia no chance of gaining any status for the Armenians of Karabakh, much less military revenge. These three whales are a harsh reality for Yerevan, which any leader of Armenia would have to reckon with, not only Nikol Pashinyan. So, leave the nervous MP alone. To be honest, we don't like him much either, but believe me, he is the best leader for you, in the sense that he meets your desires one hundred per cent. It is due to his remarkable stealth that Armenia has been avoiding the signing of a peace treaty for two years. That's what you want. And it is the same thing his predecessors did. Only he was less fortunate because he does it after a military defeat.

    Your lack of common sense played a cruel trick on you. And the main mistake here is underestimating the enemy. And one of the most ridiculous arguments in the battle for Karabakh - that the Azerbaijanis, it turns out, were invented by Stalin in 1937. We will not argue with you. Instead, we will ask you: if we are not called Azerbaijanis, but something else - will you feel better? If the country is not called Azerbaijan, but Caucasian Tataria, then what will change for you?

    Understand, it does not matter at all what we are called, the main thing is that we exist. Here we are, in our harsh materiality, setting up checkpoints at the border and inspecting your cars.

    In conclusion, a bit of fantasy. It seems we have found the reason for Charles Michel's "dislike" towards Armenia. We think he was unpleasantly impressed by your, undoubtedly, effective PR campaign in which the age of Azerbaijan was compared with the age of Coca-Cola, which is, as you know, older. What is the connection, you ask?  The answer: Michel is Belgian, and the nation is one of the youngest in Europe. So he's probably offended by such jokes.


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