The dull Old World
    The European Union is lost in the dark

    ANALYTICS  15 September 2023 - 13:19

    Murad Abiyev

    Statements by various EU representatives about a fresh aggravation of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, or rather, the undisguised pro-Armenian position of most of them, suggest that this structure is not quite keeping up with the times.

    Baku has unconditional legitimacy on the issue of reintegration of the Armenian community of Karabakh. Azerbaijan has a powerful army, which confirms its rightness. In addition, our country has strategic relations with a number of centers of power, including the EU. Despite this reality, Europeans are still not ready to admit the obvious: Karabakh is Azerbaijan. Although the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, of course, provided the EU with an opportunity to display its will and manifest itself as an independent player capable of beneficially influencing complex problems outside traditional Europe.

    Charles Michel, obviously one of those in Brussels who has common sense and the ability to take a balanced approach to the situation, honestly tried to guide the process within the framework of international law. The EU's position has been developing upward for some time - towards full recognition of Azerbaijan's sovereignty over the Karabakh region. However, the initiatives of the chairman of the European Council were defeated by the cynicism, hypocrisy, and simply narrow-mindedness of the pro-Armenian European elite, led by Paris. By the way, there is some kind of paradox in this: it was the position of Paris in its constant and rabid anti-Azerbaijani essence that turned out to be the most consistent and sincere.

    At the same time, France’s actions have shown that it is in no way capable of thinking collectively and all its initiatives regarding the subjectivity of the EU are not worth a penny. If we add here the pressure of the United States, then the role of the European Union in the post-conflict settlement in the South Caucasus has become a blatant example of the lack of mechanisms for implementing an independent foreign policy.

    Unfortunately, the entire principle of a united Europe has again come down to supporting ancient Armenian narratives. The Europeans again fell into a trap that they themselves had set. Just as at one time the “long-suffering of the first Christian people” became an indulgence for the occupation and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis, today the sovereignty of the Turkic state is perceived with due respect only as long as it does not “contradict” the interests of the Armenians.

    It can be said that Brussels sacrificed its reputation for the sake of a heap of artifacts molding in the damp and smelly basements of the Armenian project. That is, it could have chosen life, but it chose death. Andrzej Kasprzyk, surrounded by gloomy, stocky Armenians, sadly staring through binoculars towards Azerbaijan, is an image of the civilizational impotence of the Old World.

    In the end, the biggest losers were the Europeans themselves. They lost the chance to acquire reputation bonuses. They missed the opportunity to prove that they are capable of influencing processes outside the traditional borders of Europe. Finally, they lost the trust of Azerbaijan. But Baku will strive for peace and stability in the region even without intermediaries, including through the reintegration of the Karabakh Armenians. And of course, the EU will not go so far as to impose any sanctions on our country (by the way, recently some upstart MEP of French origin tried to threaten us with this). First, there is absolutely no legal basis for this, and second, Azerbaijan is an important supplier of hydrocarbons, especially natural gas to European markets.

    There is also Britain, which, although it allows itself attacks on Baku through the BBC to create a picture of imaginary solidarity with Europe (and, of course, with the USA), nevertheless stably supports the sovereignty of Azerbaijan. By the way, a few subjective thoughts about Brexit. Personally, I have the impression that with the departure of the British, the EU has become mentally impoverished. It was their presence that gave the structure some volume, diversity and even gloss. Without the UK, the European Union has become a provincial country club, a kind of burgher cabal.

    Besides, there is another Europe. It is not yet institutionalized, but its voice is becoming louder. This is a Europe of action, independence and freedom. This can be seen in the example of Hungary. While Brussels is afraid to hint at the need for the reintegration of Armenians into the Azerbaijani state, Budapest strictly condemns Armenian separatism and takes an active part in the restoration of the liberated territories.

    Europe is more than the EU. And Azerbaijan knows how to work with Europe.


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