Powell’s test tube-2: pro-Armenian US politicians against Land of Fire
    Masks off

    ANALYTICS  17 September 2023 - 12:57

    Samir Valiev

    The United States has torn off its masks in the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. The ambiguous behaviour of the States, which is cautious with the actual recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, has been replaced in recent days by openly hostile acts, culminating in a hearing in the Senate, where State Department representative Yuri Kim literally unleashed anti-Azerbaijani hysteria.

    We will not dwell on the details now, since they are covered in the press. Let's just give a short summary, the United States does not actually recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and is absolutely shamelessly trying to enforce the Armenian narrative – a special status for the Armenians of Garabagh, which they see as a continuation of the existence of a "gray zone" inside Azerbaijan.

    There is no doubt that the US is behaving in an extremely archaic, short-sighted, and simply stupid manner. The fact is that American hegemony in the world has been severely shaken. No, of course, the US continues to dominate the world economy, mass culture, and especially modern technology. However, the authority of American politics has fallen dramatically. Let us at least compare the popularity of American presidents in the nineties and now. Bill Clinton was the world's favourite. And it was nothing that he signed the destruction of Yugoslav cities with his own hand - Washington's authority was so great that many people in the world could not believe that "Bill was wrong”.

    A lot has happened since then. Already with the arrival of George W. Bush, due to his at least eloquent language, the credibility of the United States began to show a peak. It was no coincidence that this image crisis coincided with the event that became the starting point of the US losing its global influence - the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001.

    In response, the US committed a crime that caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people - military aggression against Iraq. To justify this crime, (former US) Secretary of State Colin Powell even waved a test tube with an unidentified substance in the UN Security Council, claiming it to be a sample of weapons of mass destruction. By the way, the Iraq adventure cost the American taxpayer $7 trillion. The money was spent, Iraq was torn apart, Saddam (Hussein) was hanged, but the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) remained to be found...

    And still the topic of the supposed "humanitarian crisis in Garabagh" is being brazenly used by Washington as the same Powell's test tube. The Americans, by virtue of their thinking, believe that if they announce something, everyone will believe them. More precisely, even if they don't believe it, they won't dare to object. They forget that this is not 2003. Modern information technologies have provided enough opportunities to prove the absence of even a hint of a humanitarian catastrophe in the Armenian community of the Garabagh region of Azerbaijan. In addition, Baku is playing a very complicated diplomatic game, preventing any centre of power from falling under attack.

    Moreover, it is not the first time we have faced US pressure. During almost thirty years of Armenian occupation of Azerbaijani lands, the US tactic was to try to force Baku to come to terms with the loss of Garabagh. We remember just as well how the Americans tried to sell oil and gas pipelines to the West through Armenian territory. We managed to cope with that enormous pressure. We conducted our pipelines through Georgia. We did not give up Garabagh. Does anyone in the Senate or the State Department think that we will give it up now that we have become several times stronger!

    Instead of forgetting about that shameful page, the Democratic administration of the White House and the leadership of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (by the way, Menendez is also from the Democratic Party) are trying to reopen the book of "miatsum" (unity), openly declaring themselves the leader of a fanatical and aggressive Christian club that has declared war on Islam and the Turkic world. In supporting the Armenian project (and "miatsum" as a part of it), the United States will suffer the most powerful reputational damage. Washington seems to have forgotten, betting on support for Armenian separatism and militarism, that Georgia is the way, Armenia is the instrument, and Azerbaijan is the prize. But the Americans are unlikely to get this prize...


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