International bias against Azerbaijan over Garabagh issue slammed

    ANALYTICS  23 September 2023 - 12:28

    “The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) fully satisfied the request of the Armenian government and applied an interim measure against Azerbaijan,” the office of the Armenian representative for international legal affairs reports.

    “Given the fact that the situation that has emerged in Garabagh is fraught with serious violations of the rights guaranteed by the Human Rights Convention and despite the ceasefire agreement reached on September 20, on September 22 the ECHR satisfied the appeal of the Armenian government and applied an interim measure against Azerbaijan.”

    In particular, according to the same message, “the ECHR ordered Azerbaijan to refrain from any actions that could lead to a violation of Articles 2 (right to life) and 3 (prohibition of torture) of the Human Rights Convention.”

    This was a classic example of yesterday's decision. I would not be surprised if it ultimately turns out that this decision was made by the ECHR in advance before Azerbaijan launched anti-terrorist measures on its sovereign territory. Because the notorious double standards are the least of what is wrong with this decision. I am forced to remind you that over 750,000 Azerbaijanis became internally displaced in the 1990s, and another 250,000 became refugees following Armenia’s aggressive policy.

    However, the ECHR did not make any decisions regarding the Republic of Armenia on these issues. The ECHR did nothing to condemn Armenia for non-compliance with four Resolutions of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly, for the genocide in Khojaly, and for the bombing of peaceful Azerbaijani cities during the 44-day war. But as a result of all these crimes, old people, women, and children died. These were Azerbaijani civilians. But the ECHR has nothing to do with it.

    Which gives us reason to draw completely obvious conclusions. The main one is that all these ECHR, the EU, as well as France and Germany separately form a kind of “Christian club” that has taken upon itself the mission of saving “oppressed Armenian Christians”. That is why all this bias, I would even say, aggression towards Azerbaijan.

    For the same reason, obviously, Turkey has not been accepted into the EU for so many years. They do not accept it despite the fact that in terms of its economic, military, and demographic potential, Turkey is many times superior to many EU member countries. All excuses in this regard are false. The barrier is placed in front of Turkey only because it is a Muslim nation.

    The same barriers are being erected in front of our country, which has independently decided on the issue of restoring its territorial integrity. The same one, the importance of which was discussed so much at yesterday’s meeting of the UN Security Council. At the same time, the speeches that were made there were belated and did not reflect the real state of affairs on the ground at the moment.

    Azerbaijan was required to do what had already been done! There were speeches about a ceasefire, which had already ceased. They talked about the importance of the dialogue between Baku and the Garabagh Armenians, which was already underway. Moreover, contrary to the previous reluctance of the Garabagh Armenians. However, it was precisely the exquisiteness of the military-diplomatic work of official Baku that drove those who were a priori inclined to condemn Azerbaijan into a stupor!

    Now look at the background against which the ECHR decision was made. Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan - Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmet Hajiyev shared a new post on his page on the social network X. He wrote that for the delivery of medicines, food, and other goods, the ICRC along the Lachin-Khankendi and Agdam-Khankendi roads are being created and will be created all necessary conditions. Azerbaijan is ready to provide medical assistance to wounded soldiers of Armenian nationality or help them through the mediation of the ICRC. Finally, Baku provides an amnesty for those Armenian soldiers in Garabagh who lay down their arms.

    What is next?! Nevertheless, as we see, we are dealing with those who are not determined to resolve conflicts, but to incite them, to support separatism. For purely religious reasons. This is immoral, but this is the true nature of those who are not ashamed to wear such a stigma. In Azerbaijan, everyone saw this and made all the necessary conclusions.


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