Democracy with flavor of blood
    How the lie about the "beacon of hope" is forged

    ANALYTICS  28 February 2024 - 13:16

    MP Lilit Minasyan of the Armenian ruling Civil Contract party spoke at the winter session of the OSCE PA in Vienna. She said that democracy is a "beacon of hope". This is not a fresh idea, it has long been exploited by those who try to justify their plans and sometimes failures by saying that they are representatives of the democratic world. Yes, representatives of official Yerevan have repeatedly presented Pashinyan's Armenia as a "beacon of hope".

    I will say right away that the residents of neighboring Georgia should be offended. After all, for many years they tried to position Georgia as the most democratic state in the region, as a regional "beacon of hope", especially under Mikheil Saakashvili’s presidency. Consequently, Mikheil Saakashvili is now in jail, and this cannot but alarm Nikol Pashinyan, who after the "kebab revolution" began to be compared to Saakashvili, in fact, thus insulting the former president of Georgia.

    Anyway, it is not only Minasyan who uses in her speech the phrase "beacon of hope" in connection with Armenia. We have also heard something similar from the French patrons of this country. They say that Armenia is a "beacon of democracy" in the South Caucasus. It is quite obvious that in the absence of real achievements in Armenia, myths started to be invented. And the myth about the "beacon of democracy" is the very thing. The reality in the "land of stones" is quite different. There are severe political repressions against those who disagree with the position of the country's leadership.

    Moreover, political pressure is exerted on yesterday's associates of Nikol Pashinyan and even yesterday’s ministers in Armenia. It is enough to recall Artur Vanetsyan and Vahan Kerobyan. But I would not have paid attention to the speeches of a certain Lilit if she had concentrated on the assessment of democracy in the context of the internal political situation in Armenia. However, she decided to take a swing at something that she could not really assess. If Mrs. Minasyan has time for self-education, I would advise her to reread or read for the first time Mikhail Bulgakov's novel Dog's Heart. There was a character who liked to evaluate the correspondence between Engels and Kautsky while drinking vodka, infuriating Professor Preobrazhensky with his conclusions. The parallels here are more than obvious.

    Because Minasyan is talking absolute nonsense. She claims that "democratic nations do not seek war". Let me note right away that there are no "democratic nations". There are democratic and non-democratic states. This Armenian lady appears to be very poorly educated. Otherwise, she would know very well that there were completely different periods in the lives of many countries of the world, including the leading superpowers. In Germany, there was the period of Hitler's rule, in Spain - Franco, in Italy - Mussolini, in Portugal - Salazar.

    So, what to do now, whether to call Germans, Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese "democratic nations" or not? And what about the patroness of Armenia, France, which is preparing it for war? Its prime minister was Marshal Pétain, proclaimed in July 1940 in Vichy as "the head of the French state". This dictator-collaborator actively collaborated with Hitler. How, given this fact, to be with the postulate of Tikin Lilit about "democratic nations"! Yes, by the example of Pashinyan and other leaders of Armenia, we have repeatedly seen that ignorance and dilettantism are considered not a vice but a dignity there. But there must be a limit to everything! Especially since everything in the history of Armenia itself has been more than shameful.

    If we proceed from Minasyan's attempt to present Armenians as a "democratic nation", what about the presidencies of Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan, two former Karabakh separatists, and war criminals? Or was the Armenian nation only "pregnant" with democracy then? Or were they not Armenians at all?! Then let them write so in the history textbooks of Armenia. Let this Armenian lady say so herself. They say that the "democratic nation" was born in Armenia as a result of the "kebab revolution".

    True, and it will be a lie and nonsense. Because Armenia cannot be called a democratic country and Armenians cannot be called a democratic nation. With the consent of this nation and with its active participation, Armenia had occupied 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan, carried out ethnic cleansing, committed genocide in Khojaly, and supported separatism on the territory of another state. As a result of Armenia's policy, more than one million Azerbaijanis became refugees and IDPs.

    It was Armenia that turned the Azerbaijani cities it occupied into ruins, and Aghdam called the Caucasus Hiroshima, is proof of that. Armenia refused to implement the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly, which demanded the withdrawal of all Armenian illegal armed formations from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Probably, according to Minasyan's logic, this is also proof that Armenia and Armenians are "democratic".

    That is why, we must assume, that "democrat" Pashinyan shouted that "Artsakh is Armenia, and that's it", provoked first the military clash in July 2020 in Tovuz direction, and then the 44-day war. For reasons of "democracy," did Pashinyan order missile strikes on peaceful Azerbaijani towns during the 44-day war, resulting in the deaths and injuries of old men, women, and children?

    The list could go on for a long time. But even this list is enough to realize how false and stupid Madame Minasyan's attempt to present the occupying state in a positive light. However, she is not the only one who sins. Foreign politicians are also trying to pull the same trick with the same predetermined failure. For example, Mr. Macron is from France.


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