Petro Poroshenko shares thoughts on war, Aliyev's strategic thinking and friendship with Baku
    Caliber.Az interview with Ukraine's fifth president

    INTERVIEWS  08 September 2022 - 12:44

    Caliber.Az presents an interview with Petro Poroshenko, the fifth president of Ukraine.

    - Thank you, Petro Oleksiyeyevich, for agreeing to give an interview to our website. You became a member of the Nizami Ganjavi International Centre (NGIC). How would you assess the activity of the Centre and what is your role in this international organisation?

    - I am honoured to join the activities of Nizami Ganjavi International Centre first of all because I see security issues as fundamental to the modern world. The centre makes a significant contribution to making our region and the whole planet safer. The annual Baku Forum, which has already become another global platform to address the challenges of the modern world, plays an important role in this regard. One cannot but agree with President Ilham Aliyev, my good friend, and friend of Ukraine, in his statement that the Centre has become one of the leading international institutions in the field of global security issues during its activity. I am sure that Ukraine has a lot to share in the development of the Centre's activity.

    - How do you assess the level of Azerbaijani-Ukrainian relations?

    - Our countries can be proud of the high level of the relations, as we are strategic partners. Throughout my political career, I have contributed to the development of our friendship in every possible way. The potential for our cooperation is enormous. There are opportunities for bilateral trade, ship and aircraft building, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and much more. We are also united by the challenges of defending the territorial integrity of our states.

    For its part, Ukraine has always supported the Republic of Azerbaijan in the restoration of its territorial integrity. We are grateful that Baku firmly supports us in this issue as well. Kyiv highly appreciates Azerbaijan's unwavering support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    - You have had a chance to meet with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev several times. What are, in your opinion, his main political merits?

    - As the fifth president of Ukraine, I was lucky to meet with President Aliyev more than once. The very first meeting with him was enough to realise that he is a very wise, responsible, and firm leader, who deeply loves his country. It is extremely important that he is able to look far beyond the horizon and formulate the state policy in such a way that its results will be the most successful for the country. This not only prevents mistakes but also lays the foundations for confident nation-building for years to come. Believe me, this kind of strategic thinking is worth a lot.

    - You were president of Ukraine in 2014-2019. Could you have foreseen then that Azerbaijan would win the war for its integrity and regain the territories of the country occupied by Armenia?

    - I do not think I have the right to give any assessment in this regard. As the ex-president of the country, which now experiences all the horrors and hardships of a full-scale war, an unprovoked, insidious, and sordid war, I can say that the best way to solve any dispute is through diplomacy. Humanity has suffered enough to understand the stupidity and barbarity of war.

    However, there are situations when your neighbour thinks otherwise and doesn't want a peaceful neighbourhood. When it wants a trivial medieval war with thousands of human casualties and shattered destinies. In this case, the right to self-defence and the return of occupied territories is perfectly justified. This is also stated in Article 51 of the UN Charter. Regarding your question, could anyone believe that Ukraine in 2014-2015, during my presidency, would be able to return two thirds of Moscow-occupied territories in Donbas? It was hard to believe it then and it is hard to believe it now. But we have done it. It is very important to have courage, confidence, determination, and firmness. You always get your own back, but you don't covet someone else's.

    We are very grateful to Azerbaijan and to all Ukraine's friends, who are helping us today. Someone with arms and ammunition. Someone with humanitarian assistance and hosting of refugees from Ukraine. All this is very important in order to stand and win.


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