Azerbaijan to produce Azersky-2 satellite

    ECONOMICS  03 October 2023 - 20:23

    The Azersky-2 satellite will be made in Azerbaijan.

    A cooperation agreement was signed between Azercosmos company and Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) on the development of new Azerbaijani observation satellites within the 74th International Astronautical Congress in Baku, Trend reports, citing Azercosmos.

    The Azersky-2 programme not only will ensure sustainability in the country's earth observation sector, but will also open a new page in terms of business and further develop the space ecosystem in Azerbaijan.

    According to the agreement, two satellites will be produced within the Azersky-2 programme.

    “These will be remote Earth observation satellites with a high-resolution electro-optical sensor. IAI will design, assemble, integrate and test the first satellite of the satellite constellation along with Azerbaijani specialists. Israeli specialists will also support Azerbaijan in the design of a satellite development centre, which will be built in Azerbaijan. The experience acquired by Azerbaijani specialists will make it possible to prepare the second satellite in Azerbaijan,” the company said.

    Chairman of the Board of Azercosmos Samaddin Asadov said that this project is unique for both Azercosmos and IAI and will undoubtedly contribute to the development of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Israel in the space sector.

    “I think our cooperation is an important step in the development of human capital and space technologies in the country,” he said.

    In turn, IAI President and CEO Boaz Levy noted that the company is proud to make a significant contribution to this cooperation and will strive to further strengthen the partnership for the sake of the mutual interests of the two countries.

    As part of the programme, IAI will provide all the necessary ground control and operation systems for the Azersky-2 system in Azerbaijan. Local specialists will be trained to operate satellites and process satellite images. The satellites will be launched in 2026 and 2028. The launch vehicle that will launch the satellite into orbit will become known in the coming months.


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