Armenian saboteur wishing peace between Azerbaijan, Armenia
    VIDEO report from prison

    SOCIETY  05 June 2023 - 11:13

    Azerbaijan's Public Television has interviewed several Armenian saboteurs who were detained when they tried to commit terrorist acts on Azerbaijani territory after the Patriotic War [in 2020].

    In particular, Andranik Vazgenovich Mikaelyan (born in 1998), said that his detention conditions in prison are normal, he mainly reads books, watches TV, and news, and representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross visit him every month, who give him letters from his family, and he, in turn, writes to his family.

    Mikaelyan was detained in late November 2020 on the territory of the Khojavand district of the Republic of Azerbaijan while trying to commit a sabotage and terrorist attack. He was sentenced to six years in prison and has already served three years.

    Mikaelyan said he was following orders and did not know that he was assigned to perform a task on Azerbaijan’s territory.

    In turn, another Armenian saboteur, Karen Aramyan, committed a number of terrorist attacks on the territory of our country.

    According to him, he was taught from childhood that the territory of Azerbaijan is actually the territory of Armenia, [they are] Armenian lands. It was only while in custody in Azerbaijan that he realised that this was not the case. Aramyan had also already served three of the six years of imprisonment to which he was sentenced. He noted that he was surprised by Azerbaijanis’ good attitude towards him.

    At the same time, some Armenian saboteurs serving their sentences did not want to communicate with the Azerbaijani journalist…

    In turn, Ishkhan Sargsyan and Vladimir Rafaelyan (sentenced to 19 and 18 years in prison, respectively) were detained seven months after the end of the Patriotic War while mining a road in the Kalbajar district.  Sargsyan said that he was given the order to plant mines, and Rafaelyan noted that he did not regret the order. But he regrets that so many civilians, peaceful people died because of the war, and he would not want that.

    "I would like peace between our two peoples and states, the signing of a peace treaty. So that our nations can live as before. I have two sons growing up, I would not want their lives to be in danger in the future, during the service,” he said.

    The report noted that Armenian prisoners’ detention conditions correspond to Azerbaijani prisoners' detention conditions. They are visited every time by ICRC staff.

    Prisoner Hrach Avakyan was detained after the war, near Hadrut. This once again confirms that after the war, Armenia transferred military personnel to Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region to ensure that they commit sabotage. He was sentenced to four years in prison. Akakyan blames those who sent him to Azerbaijan and left him in the lurch…

    See more in the Public TV report.

    Тимур Рзаев


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