Will Yerevan learn a lesson from its downfall at the UN meeting?
    Caliber.Az talks to Olzhas Amirzhanov

    INTERVIEWS  21 August 2023 - 16:10

    Vadim Mansurov

    Armenia's failure during the recent UN Security Council meeting revealed the weakest link in Armenian propaganda: if you yell "wolves, wolves" often and loudly, one day no one will come to the rescue. The same effect can be observed today with the dramatic exclamations "genocide", "famine" and "humanitarian disaster". This lamenting is heard at every presentable meeting of international organisations, in every statement and even gesture of Armenians. At some point, politicians and states, which only yesterday paid heed to Yerevan's cries, will stop paying attention to these signs of schizophrenia. Liars can be tolerated for a long time, but they try to stay away from them.

    Kazakh political scientist and economist Olzhas Amirzhanov in a conversation with Caliber.Az first of all noted that Astana is closely following the developments in the South Caucasus, how the dialogue between Baku and Yerevan is progressing. He said that Armenia's policy has recently turned into a flurry of endless groundless accusations against Azerbaijan. And the majority of Kazakh politicians, experts, and ordinary citizens perceive this rhetoric of Yerevan with disapproval and even ridicule.

    "I must say that Armenian political hysteria has been gaining momentum lately. In this regard, I have the impression that many people in Kazakhstan are watching what is happening like a fascinating TV series - so much so that even on the other side of the Caspian Sea it is obvious how ridiculous and incoherent all of Yerevan's anti-Azerbaijani statements are.

    One could notice that Armenians prepared for the UN Security Council meeting with their propaganda slogan template in an extremely unprofessional and arrogant manner, believing that such weighty words as 'famine' and 'genocide' would by themselves somehow magically evoke the necessary reaction from the participating countries. But it does not happen like that.

    If Kazakhstan remembers well the four UN Security Council resolutions calling to leave the occupied Azerbaijani territory, why did Armenians think that the members of the Security Council have a short memory and do not understand on whose territory the 'atrocities' described by Armenians are taking place? It was strange to hope that nobody remembers how Armenian military men themselves in the 90s of the last century did in Karabakh against the Azerbaijani population what can be very appropriately called genocide with all its signs and characteristics. And the tragedy in Khojaly is still alive in the memory of Turkic peoples. I think many UN members also still remember what happened in those years on Azerbaijani soil," the political scientist believes.

    Have the Armenians learned their lesson for the future? Is it possible that now, having been rebuked in the UN Security Council, they will understand and rethink something, and the vector of Armenian policy will finally become more substantial? One would like to believe it very much, but...

    "The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry's constructive appeal to Yerevan to continue adequate and meaningful negotiations is as objective as possible. Armenian diplomats should learn from Baku's striving for utmost correctness and humanism. However, as I can see from the reaction in Armenia, it was not appreciated by everyone. Mostly it is just the cries of lost revanchists, and the Armenian top political circles in general, according to my feelings, are able to calculate moves only one step ahead, no more. And if it could, it would have realised that the time of extremely touching but false Armenian myths has passed, just as the bribed Armenian lobby and the aggression of Armenian diasporas have passed away.

    So, in my opinion, despite all this fuss after the Security Council meeting, now Yerevan has nothing else to do but to sit down at the negotiating table and come to an agreement with Baku on all issues. Until everything is lost completely..." Amirzhanov concluded.


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