“Israel supports Azerbaijan and has already taken Iran down the peg"
    Alexander Shapiro Suliman's standpoint

    INTERVIEWS  04 February 2023 - 16:13

    Huseyn Safarov

    The Iranian authorities are involved in the terrorist act at the Azerbaijani embassy.

    Public figure, and head of the World Zionist movement "Herut" in the Russian Federation, Alexander Shapiro Suliman has no doubts about the Iranian authorities’ involvement.

    He suggests several reasons for the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran.

    “As an expert on the Middle East, I think that one of the main reasons for the attack was the opening of Azerbaijan's embassy in Israel. After all, the Iranians made a scandal in the 1990s because then Israel opened an embassy in Baku. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has recently signed a decree and appointed Mukhtar Mammadov as ambassador. That’s the reason for the attack,” the public figure said.

    He noted that moreover, relations between Azerbaijan, Israel, and Türkiye are getting stronger every day. This fact also played its role. The Mullah regime found out that these relationships were growing exponentially and decided to warn.

    “A meeting of Israeli ambassadors to the Eurasian countries was held in Baku in January 2023 in the presence of high-ranking officials of the central office of the Israeli Foreign Ministry. This happened shortly after new Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen took office on January 2. The armed attack on the Azerbaijani embassy can also be regarded as a response to this meeting,” the expert said.

    “The Iranian authorities are involved in this terrorist attack. There can be no other version. Moreover, Baku has repeatedly notified Tehran of the need to strengthen the security of the Azerbaijani diplomatic mission, as there are certain risks,” he noted.

    The Israeli expert said that Iran must officially answer for the attack on the Azerbaijani embassy.

    “The leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran should have given some unequivocal answer to this incident, or at least officially apologise. However, this did not happen. The Iranian regime classified it as a crime for personal reasons. The US, European countries and the entire world community condemned this bloody incident. Israel, a fraternal country of Azerbaijan, supports Baku and has already taught Tehran a lesson by attacking military facilities in Iran,” Shapiro Suliman said.

    As for a possible military confrontation between Israel and Iran, the political analyst said that it is difficult to predict, however, anything can happen.

    “It is known that Iran does not allow IAEA delegation to inspect its military facilities, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu adheres to a very tough position on Iran. In general, either Iran must stop threatening Israel, as well as Azerbaijan, or a worthy response will be made. It is unknown what actions Iran will take in response to attacks on its military facilities,” he said.

    “If we also take into account that Iran is assisting Armenia, then anything can be expected. As for the recent earthquake that occurred in the Iranian city of Khoy, where Azerbaijanis predominantly live, the Turkish Red Crescent Society expressed readiness to send equipment and rescuers to the earthquake-affected areas if necessary, but the Iranian Red Crescent Society did not allow the Turks to help the victims. Obviously, Tehran is afraid that someone will disclose important information,” he added.

    So, the political analyst said that phone talks between the Israeli Defence Minister and the Azerbaijani defence minister, and the head of the State Border Service were timely and fruitful.

    “Israeli defence industry, special services, and law enforcement agencies are in constant contact with Azerbaijan, as well as with Azerbaijani Defence Minister Zakir Hasanov. Of course, they also discussed the terrorist attack at the Azerbaijani embassy. They discussed numerous issues. Moreover, Jews are a nation knowing how to be friends, so the conversation between the defence ministers can also be described as Israel's support for Azerbaijan,” he added.


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