Azerbaijani president visits liberated Lachin district

    CHRONICLE  28 May 2023 - 10:22

    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev made a trip to the Lachin district on May 27.

    The head of state attended the inauguration of the 110/35/10 kV “Gorchu” substation owned by the “Azerenergy” OJSC, Azertag reports.

    President of the “Azerenergy” OJSC Baba Rzayev briefed the head of state on the work done in the station.

    The facilities include 110 kV switchyard and Digital Control Center. The substation was fully automated thanks to the SCADA dispatch control system. Two new 25 MVA transformers were installed in the substation.

    The “Gorchu” substation will play a special role in the electricity supply of the international airport being built nearby, Lachin and Kalbajar mega projects including residential quarters, tourism and agriculture infrastructure.

    The head of state also attended the laying foundation ceremony for Gorchu village of Lachin district.

    A special representative of the President in the Lachin district Masim Mammadov briefed the head of state on the works to be done in the settlement.

    The Gorchu settlement is located on the bank of the river of the same name. It occupies a total area of 300 hectares with the first phase’s projected area 142.54 hectares.

    The first phase will see construction of 366 one-storey houses. İn the long run, it is planned to build a quarter comprised of 39 residential buildings in the settlement.

    In the first phase, the facilities will include an administrative building, community club, library and internet club, medical station, hotel, sport and wellness centre, restaurant, arts and crafts studio, bazaar complex and sales booths. The settlement will have 264-seat school and 140-seat kindergarten. In the long run, a 864-seat school and 280-seat kindergarten will be built in the settlement.

    President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has attended the inauguration of the 110/35/10 kV “Lachin” city substation owned by “Azerenergy” OJSC.

    The head of state was informed about the substation.

    The 110/35/10 kV “Lachin shahar” substation integrated into Azerbaijan’s power grid was built in the south of the city. The substation will function as a tie-station for the liberated lands.

    President Ilham Aliyev launched the substation.

    The facilities include 110 kV switchyard and Digital Control Center. The substation was fully automated thanks to the SCADA dispatch control system, which was integrated with the central SCADA system. The SERGI transformer protector was also installed to save from fire and explosion.

    President Ilham Aliyev also viewed fish farms on the way over.

    Furthermore, the head of state attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the village of Shalva in the Lachin district.

    The head of state was informed about the village.

    The total projected area of the village is 128.8 hectares. 445 private houses are planned to be built in the village. The first phase will see the construction of 130 houses for relocation of 494 families. In addition, an administrative building, cultural centre, 264-seat school, 60-seat kindergarten, family health centre, market complex and other necessary infrastructure facilities will be created in the village.

    President Ilham Aliyev laid a foundation stone for the village.

    Then, the Azerbaijani leader got acquainted with the work done in the Agro-Industrial Park in the city of Lachin.

    Director General of “Baki Abadlig Xidmeti” LLC Bunyad Gasimov briefed the head of state on the work done in the industrial park.

    The facility will employ 1169 people. The facility will house enterprises operating in the fields of food, industry, creativity, textiles, education, tourism and services. Currently, 7 enterprises employ 226 Lachin residents.

    A total of 46 enterprises will function in the Agro-Industrial Park with 80 per cent of them scheduled to start operating by the end of summer this year.

    President Aliyev also viewed the progress of construction works carried out in the village of Zabukh of the Lachin district.

    Chairman of the State Committee for Refugee and IDP Affairs Rovshan Rzayev informed the Azerbaijani President of the works done in the village.

    About 245 families are planned to be relocated to the village of Zabukh, which has a total area of 81 hectares. The first phase will see the relocation of 223 families. A 50-seat kindergarten, administrative building, and medical center were built in the village.

    The “green energy” will be used to light houses and streets.


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