Azerbaijan to build Aghdam-Khankandi gas pipeline.

    SOCIETY  16 November 2022 - 20:33

    Azerbaijan is going to build the Aghdam-Khankandi gas pipeline on its liberated territories.

    This is reflected in the action plan of the "First State Program on the Great Return to the Liberated Territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan", Caliber.Az reports, citing APA.

    According to the document, SOCAR should ensure the construction of the Aghdam-Khankandi gas pipeline and gas pipeline branches by 2025 by installing Gas Distribution System (GDS) on them.

    It added that by 2026, 34,500 apartments and private residential houses will be built in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan.

    According to the action plan, 34,500 apartments and private homes will be built in Aghdam, Fuzuli, Shusha, Khojavand, Zangilan, Kalbajar, Lachin, Gubadli, Jabrail, Tartar, and Khojaly regions in 2022-2026.

    Moreover, a database will be created in connection with the return of the population to the liberated territories.

    It is noted that the creation of an appropriate database on the return of the population, analysis of statistical indicators, and ensuring the availability of data is also a priority.

    In 2022-2024, general and detailed plans of cities on Azerbaijan’s liberated territories will be developed.

    According to the document, the State Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture, together with the special representative office of the Azerbaijani President and the Restoration, Construction and Management Service in the Karabakh economic region and the Restoration, Construction and Management Service No. 1 in the East Zangezur economic region, should approve the master plan of seven cities and the detailed plan of the central part of the cities in 2022-2024.

    Furthermore, a Karabakh regional hydrometeorological center will be built in Fuzuli under the presidential decree.

    According to the action plan, the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry was tasked to determine the location of the centre and design the building in Fuzuli district in 2023-2024.

    In the same vein, the document envisages the construction of Olympic sports complexes and universal sports halls in the liberated lands.

    According to the action plan, the construction of Olympic sports complexes will begin in 2023, and the construction of universal sports halls in 2024.

    Moreover, "ASAN Service" centres also will be created in the liberated in 2022-2026, as well as land reforms will be carried out under the abovementioned decree.

    Additionally, preferential tariffs will be applied on electricity usage in Azerbaijan’s liberated territories.

    Under the document, until 2022-2024, the Economy Ministry, together with the Energy Ministry, must prepare and approve proposals for the use of preferential tariffs during the use of electricity in the liberated territories.

    The document also notes that the construction and restoration of seven projects are envisaged in the Shusha, 29 in Aghdam, 23 in Fuzuli, 21 in Zangilan, 30 in Kalbajar, 21 in Lachin, 16 in Gubadli, 25 in Jabrayil, 20 in Khojavand,  and five preschool and general education institutions in Tartar districts (including the villages of Sugovushan and Talysh).

    According to the document, the Mortgage Guarantee and Credit Fund and the State Housing Development Agency (MIDA) will support the sale of residential plots in the liberated territories through mortgage lending and expand the opportunities for access to financial resources of entities involved in the production of building materials.

    The conditions of the mortgage lending mechanism will be reviewed, subsidies will be provided for one part of the interest calculated on loans received under the guarantee of the Mortgage Guarantee and Credit Fund.

    In 2023-2026, it is planned to create an Art Mall complex in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan. According to the document, these activities will be mainly carried out by the Culture Ministry.


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