Azerbaijan to open archaeological park in Khojaly

    KARABAKH  26 February 2024 - 11:42

    Historical monuments in Khojaly, heavily damaged during the Armenian occupation, indicate that there was a large settlement here in the second half of the 2nd - early 1st millennium BC.

    The area of the Khojaly necropolis is 200 hectares. The Khachatepe mound with two peaks has a diameter of 300 meters. The study and restoration of monuments that the Armenians tried to destroy will open a new page in history.

    The complex of Khojaly monuments, covering a period of more than three millennia, is of great importance from the point of view of studying the material and cultural heritage of not only Azerbaijan, but the Caucasus and the Turkic world as a whole.

    Employees of the Institute of Archeology and Anthropology of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan have already begun preliminary research work in Khojaly, Azertag report.

    An inspection of the territory was carried out, the current state of archaeological monuments was studied. According to experts, the new research will reveal valuable historical facts about the history of Karabakh.

    During the restoration work in Khojaly, it is planned to study the burial mounds. In addition, a unique archaeological park will be opened in Khojaly, which will be revived as a modern city, which will serve the development of tourism.

    The archaeological park, which will function as an open-air museum, will become the largest project in popularizing the rich historical past, material and cultural heritage of Karabakh.

    Thanks to the creation of the archaeological park, it will be proven that Khojaly is not only a new administrative territory, but also an ancient settlement, the history of which goes back thousands of years.


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