Azerbaijani police uncover significant cache of weapons in Khankendi City

    KARABAKH  27 February 2024 - 11:55

    In a recent development, Azerbaijani law enforcement authorities have made another substantial discovery of weapons and ammunition in the city of Khankendi as part of ongoing comprehensive operations aimed at maintaining security and stability in the region.

    The seizure includes a diverse array of military equipment and armaments, the Interior Ministry of Azerbaijan told Caliber.Az. Among the confiscated items are:

    • 29 automatic rifles
    • 4 pistols
    • 416 hand grenades
    • 27 rifles
    • 24,320 cartridges of various calibers
    • 8,508 mines
    • 3 telescopic sights
    • 10 night vision devices
    • 50 radios
    • 34 bayonet knives
    • 4 binoculars
    • 57 gas masks

    Of particular note is the discovery of a drone, underscoring the significance of the find in terms of modern warfare capabilities. The recovery of such a wide range of weaponry signifies a potential threat to public safety and highlights the importance of proactive measures undertaken by law enforcement agencies to curb illicit arms trafficking and prevent acts of violence.

    The operation reflects the unwavering commitment of Azerbaijani authorities to combatting illegal arms proliferation and maintaining peace and stability in the region. By swiftly addressing security concerns and removing dangerous weapons from circulation, law enforcement agencies are working diligently to safeguard the well-being of residents and uphold the rule of law.

    This latest seizure serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by the Armenian-left weapons in conflict-affected areas and underscores the imperative for continued vigilance and coordinated efforts to address underlying security threats comprehensively.

    As investigations into the origin and intended use of the confiscated weapons continue, Azerbaijani authorities remain steadfast in their determination to ensure the safety and security of all citizens and uphold peace and stability in the region.

    On September 19, 2023, Azerbaijan launched anti-terror measures to disable Armenian army forces and military infrastructure in the Karabakh region. The operation came on the heels of the intensifying Armenian attacks on the Azerbaijani positions and a mine incident in the Khojavand district that killed four Azerbaijani police officers and two road construction workers.

    Throughout the military operations, Azerbaijani forces prioritized the safety and well-being of civilians in Khankendi, implementing measures to minimize civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure. Efforts were made to facilitate the evacuation of civilians from the conflict zone and provide humanitarian assistance to those in need.

    By the time of the cessation of hostilities on September 20, the Azerbaijani military disabled artillery systems, radio-electronic warfare, military equipment, ammunition depots, military strongholds, and shelters of the Armenian army formations stationed in the Karabakh region.

    In addition, more than 90 combat posts and strategically important positions of the Armenian military formations were taken under control during the one-day operation. Seven military vehicles, 4 mortars, 1 tank, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, as well as a large number of weapons and ammunition were also seized. The Azerbaijani troops targeted only military facilities throughout the hostilities avoiding any strike on civilians and civilian infrastructure.

    The counter-terrorism measures concluded after the Armenian military formations agreed to full disarmament by laying down arms, handing over the military hardware, and withdrawing from their battle positions and military outposts. Armenia's armed forces were also obligated to leave Azerbaijani territory, and illegal Armenian armed groups were to be disbanded.


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