Azerbaijan continues clearing Khankandi of Armenian weapons

    KARABAKH  19 April 2024 - 10:27

    Azerbaijan continues to clear Khankandi of Armenian weapons as policemen have recently discovered another cache of arms and ammunition, as part of the comprehensive measures taken to eliminate potential threats from the city.

    The latest seizure includes a significant arsenal comprising seven automatic rifles, a shotgun, a grenade launcher, seven hand grenades, six hand grenade fuses, eight shells, 740 cartridges of various calibres, etc., Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry told Caliber.Az.

    This operation demonstrates the proactive approach of law enforcement agencies in preserving law and order within Khankandi.

    The recent discovery highlights the persistent challenges faced by authorities in the region, emphasizing the ongoing threat posed by concealed weaponry. The ongoing efforts to remove such arms from Khankandi underscore a commitment to safeguarding the safety and security of local residents.

    In summary, Azerbaijan's continuous endeavours to clear Khankandi of Armenian weapons reflect a dedicated pursuit of peace and stability in the area, despite the ongoing challenges posed by hidden armaments.

    On September 19, 2023, Azerbaijan launched anti-terror measures to disable Armenian army forces and military infrastructure in the Karabakh region. The operation came on the heels of the intensifying Armenian attacks on the Azerbaijani positions and a mine incident in the Khojavand district that killed four Azerbaijani police officers and two road construction workers.

    By the time of the cessation of hostilities on September 20, the Azerbaijani military disabled artillery systems, radio-electronic warfare, military equipment, ammunition depots, military strongholds, and shelters of the Armenian army formations stationed in the Karabakh region.

    The counter-terrorism measures concluded after the Armenian military formations agreed to full disarmament by laying down arms, handing over the military hardware, and withdrawing from their battle positions and military outposts.

    Amenia's armed forces were also obligated to leave Azerbaijani territory, and illegal Armenian armed groups were to be disbanded.


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