Qarabağ's head coach: It was not an easy win

    SPORT  10 August 2022 - 10:43

    "First of all, I congratulate my players. They tried very hard and wanted to win. The final score may have deceived us. It was not an easy win. We played against a very good rival. The score could have been quite different because the opponent had good scoring chances. The best of luck to Ferencvarosi. I hug each of our players."

    Gurban Gurbanov, head coach of Qarabağ FK, made the remark following the second leg against Hungary's Ferencvarosi in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League, which ended 3:1 in favour of Aghdam, Report informs.

    The 50-year-old specialist stressed that the team will try to advance as far as it has the strength: "The fact that we have secured a spot in the Europa League group does not mean that we should relax. Not every game ends with that kind of victory. Because the levels of the clubs are different. We must try to make the most of the chance we have."

    He also touched upon the possibility of moving the home game in the playoffs against the Czech club Viktoria Plzen to the Baku Olympic stadium: "We hold our matches at the Republican stadium named after Tofig Bahramov. We will discuss this issue in Baku. Now it is very difficult to talk about anything."

    Gurbanov noted that he has great respect for Stanislav Cherchesov, head coach of the opponent: "He is a very competent specialist. His career as a football player and coach is better than mine. I can't say I beat him tactically. It could happen to me tomorrow too. That's why I don't want to think about it. Cherchesov has formed a very good team. There are high-level players in the squad. In sports, the strongest does not always win. Today we deserved this victory, we wanted it very much".

    According to him, the good health of all the players is the most important thing for the coach: "Every team has a leader. Every player has a challenge. So, Kadi Borges was on form today. But really, I don't want to single anyone out. They were all worthy of this victory."

    It should be noted that Qarabağ's next opponent in the Champions League play-off round will be Viktoria Plzen from the Czech Republic. The first game of the tie will be played in Baku on August 17 and the second match in the Czech city of Plzen on August 23.


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