Armenian Armed Forces open fire on Russian military
    Details on Caliber.Az

    KARABAKH  22 March 2023 - 13:35

    Since March 21, Armenian sources have been trying to promote the themes of the "abduction" of an Armenian contractor by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, as well as the alleged wounding/killing of Russian servicemen by our military.

    According to the information available to Caliber.Az from military sources, in fact, the situation developed as follows. On March 21 and March 22 there was dense fog in the area of Lake Garagol, there were heavy snowfalls throughout the area and at surrounding heights.

    At around 14:00 on March 21, the Russian military contacted the Azerbaijani side in connection with the disappearance of an Armenian soldier who could get lost in the territories controlled by our army. The Azerbaijani side replied that it had not found the Armenian serviceman, but posts in this direction were immediately banned from opening fire. This was done in order to save the life of a lost military man in case he comes to the attention of our Armed Forces. As further events showed, the Armenian military independently reached the Armenian posts - no one "captured" him, as Armenian sources claimed on March 21.

    Now let's move on to the fake about the wounding/killing of the Russian military by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. Since March 21, the Armenian pro-government media have been claiming that two Russian soldiers were seriously wounded, then even managed to "bury" one.

    According to our information, the Russian UAZ Patriot, which moved towards Garagol, probably came under fire, but it happened near the Armenian positions south of Garagol sometime after 15:00 on March 21. It is also important to note that at that time there was still a strict ban on opening fire in the direction of Garagol for the Azerbaijani Armed Forces due to a stray Armenian contractor.

    The relevant information was brought to the Russian military command. By the way, the Russians reported that the Russian military did not receive bullet wounds - they were injured by glass. On March 22, this was also confirmed by the press service of the Gorus administration.

    We are confident that the ballistic examination (with the mandatory participation of Azerbaijani criminologists) will prove that the fire on the Russian car was opened from the Armenian side.


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