Barcelona manager confesses his "Messi love"
    ... amidst reports of superstar's possible return

    SPORT  31 March 2023 - 23:05

    Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has confirmed that he would be delighted to have Lionel Messi back at the club. Following the declarations of Vice-President Rafa Yuste stating that they were in talks with Messi, Xavi explained it was normal for people to be excited at the prospect.

    Initially, Xavi was reluctant to speak on the matter, stating that it was not the time to talk about signings or players for now.

    He would go on to say that the focus should be on titles and winning matches. He also declared that he had not spoken to Messi about it and had not done anything to facilitate the return of his former teammate, nor had he discussed the coming year with Laporta.

    However, he loosened on the issue later, stating that several factors would influence his return.

    “It will depend on many things. We are obviously at the mercy of financial fair play. But I think what it will depend on most is the wishes of Leo. He knows this is his home, that the doors are open, and that we would be delighted to have him,” Xavi was quoted as saying by Football Espana.

    He was also quizzed about Yuste’s statement that he was in love with Messi, and was asked if he too was in love with Messi.

    “Yes, I am in love with Leo… Don’t misinterpret that… [laughs].”

    “I have seen him grow at the club, I know him, I know the magnitude of him as a footballer. He is exemplary in many aspects.”

    “It’s normal that people are excited. It’s a Last Dance like Michael Jordan.”

    “I think the best thermometer is Camp Nou to see how Cules are. That thermometer does not fail. The field is full and the people excited, people are excited on the street.”

    If the potential return of Messi to Barcelona was not before, from now on it seems set to be referred to as the last dance.

    Messi’s return looks set to be the topic of discussion for the coming months with the club openly pursuing his signature.


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