Azerbaijan discovers human remains in liberated Shusha

    KARABAKH  03 June 2023 - 15:38

    A mass grave was discovered in Azerbaijan’s liberated Shusha city on June 3.

    A mass grave was found on the territory of the Shusha prison, Report informs.

    Military Prosecutor's Office Special Investigation Department Head Emil Tagiyev presumed that the discovered remains belong to the Azerbaijanis who were kept here during the First Karabakh War.

    He recalled that after the liberation of Azerbaijani lands from occupation, the process of searching for the remains of persons who disappeared during the First Karabakh War began.

    “More than 400 body fragments were found in mass graves in Seyidahmedli of Fuzuli district, Kalbajar, Aghdam and other settlements, and more than 200 forensic molecular genetic examinations, as well as forensic medical examinations, were ordered,” he noted.

    The head of the department said that the remains of at least 4 people were found on the territory of the Shusha prison.

    In early April 2023, the abovementioned commission published the list of mass grave sites in the direction of Fuzuli Distric’s Yukhari Seyidahmadli, Ashagi Seyidahmadli, Malikjanli, Yukhari Veysalli villages, in the direction of Jabrayil Dsitrict’s Darzili, Chaytumas villages, near Kalbajar District’s Baghirli, Yanshag, Qamishlig, Aghdaban villages, in the area called Buzlug mountain, on the height of Murovdag, in the territory of the city of Kalbajar, in Aghdam District’s Sugovushan, Sarijali, Garagashli, Gulluja villages, Gubadli District’s Goyyal village, in the Shusha city cemetery, Khojavand District’s Edilli village, and in the territory of Khankandi city, Khojaly and Khojavand districts, as well as the former Aghdara district, which are currently under the temporary control of Russian peacekeepers.

    Armenia, which promised to cooperate with Azerbaijan to determine the fate of about 4,000 missing Azerbaijanis, still fails to return the bodies of servicemen, who went missing during the first Karabakh war in the early 1990s.

    Armenia has yet to provide information about the mass graves of 3,890 missing Azerbaijani citizens (including 71 children, 267 women and 326 elderly people).


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