Russia rules out plans to use nuclear, chemical weapons in Ukraine

    REGION  16 August 2022 - 12:25

    Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu claims that Russia has no plans to use tactical nuclear or chemical weapons in Ukraine.

    He described contrary reports in the Western media as "provocation and lies", Kommersant reports.

    "From a military point of view, there is no need to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine to achieve the goals set. The main purpose of Russian nuclear weapons is to deter a nuclear attack. Its use is limited to extraordinary circumstances, which are defined in Russian guidance documents that are open to the public," Shoigu said at an international security conference.

    The head of the Defence Ministry assures that the Russian Federation fulfils its obligations under the Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms. He called the situation with the extension of the treaty difficult and condemned the US position.

    "US statements that Russia should earn the right to continue dialogue with the United States do not stand up to criticism. Arms control is a two-way street," Sergei Shoigu believes.

    The minister added that Russia is reviewing approaches to the defence of the territory due to changes in security conditions in the Baltic region and the Arctic. This was led, in particular, by the planned accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO. At the same time, the defence minister claims that the expansion of the alliance is not connected with the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

    The American magazine The National Interest cited the opinion of experts from the United States, who noted that the probability of the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine is low, but still there. The Russian Foreign Ministry is convinced that the actions of the Russian armed forces "in no way harm nuclear security in Ukraine". At the same time, the ministry said that the scenarios of a clash of nuclear powers were returned to the agenda.


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