Garabagh’s separatist junta is on the verge of surrender
    Caliber analyst on Azerbaijan's anti-terrorist measures

    KARABAKH  20 September 2023 - 15:20

    In a recent interview with a Bosnia and Herzegovina-based Fena News agency, Caliber analyst Orkhan Amashov said that Garabagh’s separatist junta is on the verge of surrender. Caliber.Az reprints the article.

    All the anti-terrorist measures undertaken by Azerbaijan on its own sovereign territory - Garabagh - are legitimate and aimed at establishing the rule of law and order within its borders. Presently, there is a grey zone inside Azerbaijan, with the separatist junta, propped up by Armenia both militarily and financially, illegally present therein.

    It is Baku’s unequivocal demand this junta should be dissolved and disarmed, and only after this can dialogue between the Armenian residents of Garabagh and Baku resume. Effectively, Azerbaijan is presently undertaking measures against Armenian troops illegally present in Azerbaijan, in contravention of the 10 November 2020 tripartite statement and the principles of international law.

    Anti-terrorism measures involve pinpoint strikes aimed at disabling legitimate military targets in Garabagh. Baku is doing its level best to minimise any collateral damage to the civilians in the area, warning them either not to leave their homes or to use ‘safe corridors’ to move away from the zone of tension. The principles of proportionality and military necessity are being strictly followed.

    The Azerbaijani public has long been demanding from the government decisive measures in Garabagh to put an end to impunity and the illegal existence of the separatist junta based in Khankendi. The public wants tangible results and is expectant. As you may well know, on 19 September, two construction workers and four policemen died as a result of the explosion of mines planted on the Shusha-Fuzuli Road by the remnants of the Armenian armed formations.

    I expect Baku will achieve its legitimate aims very soon, in fact, we have already received some information that the separatist junta is on the verge of surrender.

    In fact, we have recently received information that, in response to the suggestion made by the Russian "peacekeeping" contingent, an agreement has been reached to halt anti-terrorist measures, meeting the conditions addressing Azerbaijan’s demands in line with which the units of the Armenian armed forces illegally present in Garabagh will be disarmed and withdrawn. If the conditions are fulfilled, on 21 September there will be a meeting with the representatives of the Armenian residents of Garabagh addressing all the outstanding issues within the framework of Baku’s reintegration agenda.


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