Caliber.Az smashes Armenian National Security Service by its visit to Armenia
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    POLITICS  18 May 2022 - 17:12

    Investigations Team of Caliber.Az

    The counterintelligence officers of the Armenian National Security Service were thoroughly investigating the incident for almost two weeks when Azerbaijan’s Caliber.Az journalists visited the “land of stones” - Armenia.

    According to our information, the recent report prepared by Caliber.Az journalists had the bomb explosion effect both in the Armenian society and the government and there was a reason. Having penetrated into Armenia, Caliber.Az journalists travelled everywhere, collecting evidence of the destruction of the cultural and historical heritage of the autochthonous Azerbaijani people by the Armenians.

    Of course, the failure of the special services is always annoying and insulting, however, even such powerful organizations as the Mossad and the CIA can fail, not to mention the Armenian National Security Service, fighting only against opposition members who are objectionable to the ruling power. Somewhere the leadership of the special services is trying to hide its mistakes from the public, somewhere officials are dismissed.

    As for Caliber.Az report or rather video footage based on it, Armenia is trying to disguise its incompetence.

    Around 12 days after the publication of our article, the Armenian National Security Service provided the attracted local media and Telegram channels with a real “sensation”. It turns out that Caliber.Az journalists did not visit Armenia at all, a report was prepared without leaving Azerbaijan.

    The representatives of the Armenian National Security Service titled the results of their investigation this way - “Fake “visit” to Armenia: Or the fantasy of Azerbaijani propaganda”.

    “The "high-profile" Azerbaijani propaganda project turned out to be another fake. A brief, however, clear and thorough analysis of the fact that the representatives of the leading Azerbaijani yellow journalism, notorious Caliber news agency, surfed the internet by downloading video footage about visits to Armenia, rather than visiting Armenia (maybe in dreams),” the foreword to the video footage prepared by the National Security Service says.

    Let's clarify this situation. The Armenian media outlets have regularly reported over the past year and a half that the professional personnel are leaving the National Security Service. Someone is dissatisfied with the low salary, someone - with Pashinyan's policy.

    Moreover, 4 people have been appointed directors of the National Security Service for 4 years and each of them was weaker than the previous one. Of course, this affected the level of professionalism of the representatives of the National Security Service.

    That is why, as a result of the investigation into the visit of Caliber.Az journalists to Armenia, such explanation as “they [Azerbaijani journalists] were not here” is ridiculous even for the Armenian layperson. Although, let us recall that the pro-Kocharyan [ex-Armenian president] media outlets (supervised, by the way, by former representatives of the National Security Service from the entourage of the ex-presidents of Armenia) were greatly concerned and made sharp claims against the National Security Service on the next day after the publication of the Caliber.Az report.

    Moreover, a favourite person of the Armenian diaspora, blogger Mina Khachatryan, also went into hysterics, accusing the National Security Service of inaction. Apparently, their actions forced the National Security Service to thoroughly deal with this issue.

    Courage and honesty are required to publicly admit own mistakes. Obviously, the Armenian law enforcement agencies are not courageous and honest. It is much easier for them to say that the reportage was based on fantasy. It is necessary to mention that the Armenian side was unable to find fault with the text of the report and the photos showing the destruction of the cultural and historical heritage of the autochthonous Azerbaijani people.

    However, it is necessary to clarify this issue and the brave representatives of the Armenian National Security Service thought that they had found faults with the video footage. They did not even imagine that our actions are at least one step ahead. We always have additional photos. We plan to visit Armenia again and therefore, we emphasized in the report for the “specially gifted people” that we did not disclose all the secrets and details.

    As for the “evidence” presented by the Armenian special services that we used the video footage downloaded from the internet in our report, indeed, the footage available on the internet was used. Was the National Security Service, situated in Nalbandyan street, so naive that thought that we would post real video footage of the border crossing and simplify their work? The Armenian special services are very naive.

    However, as the Armenian National Security Service has no faults with the text and the photos published in the report, we will please them again by presenting 70 new photos from 5 GB of footage. If they like it, we can add more photos. There is no problem. Let the National Security Service train and analyse its mistakes.

    Tepebashi (Kond) quarter. The Tepebashi mosque was once located here before the Armenian vandalism:

    Another evidence of Armenian vandalism is the destruction of the Demirbulag mosque, which was built in the 17th-18th centuries and was located in Tepebashi (Kond) quarter in Irevan. The mosque was burned down in 1988 and it was razed to the ground in 1990. Proceeding from our photos, the Russia Mall is located here today:


    The Emir Saad mausoleum, built by his son Pir-Hussein, not far from Iravan, in Jafarabad village. The Armenian official circles call this medieval mausoleum the "Turkmen mausoleum". Armenia calls the Blue Mosque in Iravan "Persian" after the repair and restoration work:


    The same situation is with the “Sardar” mosque, also known as “Abbas-Mirza” and “Shah Abbas”, located in the Irevan fortress, near the Sardar (Khan) palace. Residential buildings, which are captured in our photographs, were built on the site of the destroyed Sardar mosque:

    Archut village, is located in the Boyuk Garakilse district. According to the documents, there were 40 houses in this village and 357 Azerbaijanis lived there at the end of the 19th century. The population reached 1,500 people in Soviet period. There were three cemeteries in the village. However, the indigenous Azerbaijani population was expelled from the village in 1988 and today only Armenians live there. Of course, they immediately destroyed the local mosque. However, the inscriptions in the Azerbaijani language (Arabic and Cyrillic letters) have remained on the gravestones:

    Akarak village near Uchkilse (Uchmuedzin, which the Armenians call Echmiadzin in their own way). There was a mosque here too, while now there are only walls:

    The Armenians changed Loru Gala Mosque, which is located in the Lori province and dates back to the 12th century, into an Armenian church:

    The Selim caravanserai [inn for travellers], located above Agkend village of the Daralayaz province, was also falsified. The photos testify to this. People called it the Shah Abbas caravanserai. After the expulsion of all Azerbaijanis from the village in 1988, the history of the caravanserai was falsified, and it was presented to the international community as an Armenian historical monument:



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