Iran, Azerbaijan discuss expansion of ties in water, electricity sectors

    ECONOMICS - 06 July 2022 - 16:38

    During a meeting between Iranian Energy Minister Ali-Akbar Mehrabian and Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Shahin Mustafayev in Baku on July 6, the two sides explored the ways for the expansion of ties between the two countries in the fields of water and electricity.

    Addressing the meeting, Mehrabian said that the synchronization of the electricity networks of Iran and Azerbaijan is one of the most important cooperation programs of the two countries, Tehran Times reported on July 6.

    Synchronization of the electricity networks makes the two countries make maximum use of the capacity of cooperation in the electricity sector, the minister stressed.

    The transmission of Azerbaijan's electricity through Iran to Turkey and Europe, as well as the synchronization of Iran's and Russia's electricity networks can be the result of this cooperation, he added.

    “The agreement to synchronize the power grids of Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan is being studied, very good lines have also been established between Iran and Turkey and we had very good exchanges with this country, which is how we are also connected to the European power grid”, the Iranian minister stated.

    Mustafayev, for his part, referred to the meeting between the presidents of the two countries, and emphasized the importance of the development of relations between the two sides, adding that recent trips to Iran have been made in this direction and the relations between the two countries have expanded compared to the previous months.

    Mustafayev also called for the continuation of exploitation and protection of Aras River by the two countries.

    Referring to the need for Azerbaijan to interact in the field of electricity with other countries, including Turkmenistan, and the history of gas transmission and swap through Iran, he said: “We can have good cooperation in this field and we can transit the electricity of Azerbaijan to other countries through Iran.”

    In 2016, Azerbaijan and Iran agreed to build the Khudafarin and Giz Galasi hydro junctions and hydroelectric power plants on the Araz River. They have a total capacity of over 1.6 billion cubic meters. It will have the capacity to generate 716 million kW-hour of electricity per year. These hydro junctions and hydroelectric power plants will allow both sides to share the Araz River's water and energy resources. The two sides also agreed on the construction of the Marazad power plant near Iran’s town of Marazad and the Ordubad power plant in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, which is landlocked exclave of Azerbaijan.

    After liberating its lands from the Armenian occupation in the 44-day war in 2020, Azerbaijan regained control over a 132-km section of the Azerbaijani-Iran border. The re-establishment of control over the state border opened up new prospects for deeper cooperation between the two countries.


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