Netflix shooting anti-Azerbaijani film

    POLITICS  29 November 2023 - 19:11

    Anti-Azerbaijani rhetoric does not subside in certain Western circles. This ugly propaganda goes beyond all imaginable and unimaginable boundaries. Circles influenced by the Armenian lobby, not coming to terms with the realities created by official Baku in the South Caucasus, launched a full-scale offensive.

    Unfortunately, these attacks cover all areas. Local forces calling themselves opposition have joined in the biased and hypocritical activities. It became known that this time various Western circles are preparing to make a film biased against the modern history of Azerbaijan.

    According to exclusive information received by Report, writer David Grace, who lives and works in the UK, is developing an international art project “Crime Without Punishment”.

    This project involves showing the crimes of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation against the peoples living in the post-Soviet space on the Netflix video platform.

    At first glance, there is nothing unusual here. This is an ordinary historical film. However, according to reports, the film contains negative information about those who were in power in Azerbaijan during the Soviet era, as well as about the current government.

    Jamil Hasanli, the chairman of the organization, known as the National Council, was invited as a consultant to the project. An opposition functionary who takes a biased position against Azerbaijan certainly cannot be objective. Was it really too difficult to find another specialist in that era? There are many experts and scientists researching those years of Azerbaijani history. This is also another manifestation of a biased attitude towards Azerbaijan.

    The project will be demonstrated on the Netflix platform in April next year.


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