Azerbaijan builds grandiose tunnels on new highway from Fuzuli to Shusha

    ECONOMICS  12 August 2022 - 12:01

    The construction of the new Ahmadbayli-Fuzuli-Shusha high-speed highway, one of the road infrastructure projects in Karabakh, continues at a rapid pace, which will play an important role in the socio-economic development of the regions liberated from decades-long Armenian occupation during the Second Karabakh War in autumn 2020.

    The remarks came from Spokesman for the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads Agency Anar Najafli on August 12, reports.

    He said the road was laid on January 14, 2021, during President Ilham Aliyev's visit to Fuzuli District.

    The Ahmadbayli-Fuzuli-Shusha high-speed road under construction with a total length of 81.6 kilometres is for the most part six-lane, with three lanes in each direction (the total width of the road is from 37.7 to 29.5 metres), and only in the high-mountainous part, it will become four-lane (total width - 21.5 metres).

    Seven tunnels (total length – 6,358 metres), nine viaducts (total length - 1,980 metres) and 30 underground passages (total length – 1,110 meters) are laid along the road. The construction is being carried out jointly by Operation of Special Purpose Roads No. 16 LLC of the State Agency of Azerbaijan Automobile Roads and Azvirt LLC as a subcontractor.

    Construction work is carried out under the direct control of the State Agency leadership. The Ahmadbayli-Fuzuli-Shusha highway originates from the M6 highway Hajigabul-Horadiz-Aghband-Zangazur corridor and runs through the territories of Azerbaijan's Fuzuli, Khojavand, Khojaly [Khojali] districts and the city of Shusha liberated from occupation.

    At the moment, at the 79.7th kilometre of the route, the construction of grandiose large-sized bridges-viaducts continues, the construction of which uses the best world experience. In particular, concrete ceilings (one with a length of 410, the other - 350 meters) move horizontally and strengthen. A total of eight viaducts are currently under construction.


    In total, there will be 30 underpasses, seven bridges, seven tunnels and nine viaducts on the road. The construction of three tunnels with a length of 570, 478.5 and 526 metres is being completed, and the construction of three tunnels with a length of 351.5 metres, 550 metres and 681.5 meters continues – earth and concrete strengthening works have been completed there.

    In another tunnel with a length of 3,303 metres, earth and concrete strengthening works were carried out on a site of 1,604 metres.

    The total percentage of work performed on the construction of engineering structures is more than 70 per cent.

    Currently, earthworks are being carried out along the road - expansion, cutting of slopes, laying of a new roadbed. Asphalting works have already begun in the areas where the road foundation is ready.

    In addition, work is being successfully carried out on the construction of a road junction on the section of the Ahmadbayli-Fuzuli-Shusha highway connecting it with the Victory Road.

    It is planned to complete the road's construction in 2024.


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