Ambassador to France holds press conference for media

    POLITICS  30 January 2023 - 21:07

    Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to France held a press conference for foreign journalists at the embassy’s Cultural Centre.

    According to Azertag, Ambassador Leyla Abdullayeva said that Azerbaijan, which regained its independence at the end of the last century, faced aggression by Armenia, as a result of which 20% of its territory was occupied. She noted that as a result of the Armenian aggression, one million Azerbaijanis were expelled from their homelands, becoming refugees and IDPs.

    The ambassador informed the media that Azerbaijan has always striven for peace and for 30 years tried to solve the problem of occupation of its lands through negotiations, while Armenia took an unconstructive position. The OSCE Minsk Group, established to resolve the conflict, has made no progress in 30 years.

    She said that another provocation by Armenia in 2020 was the last drop for Azerbaijan's patience, which was forced to liberate its territories through its military. Referring to the trilateral declaration signed between Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia after the end of the war, which ended with Azerbaijan’s victory, the ambassador said that Armenia did not comply with its terms.

    "Today, Azerbaijan is interested in establishing peace in the region and, continuing its efforts in this direction, has sent a five-point proposal for the signing of a peace treaty to Armenia. However, Armenia continues to take an unconstructive position and cannot accept the victory of Azerbaijan", noted Abddullayeva.

    The ambassador also spoke about the effort made by Azerbaijan to establish peace in the region.

    Reporting on the situation around the Lachin corridor, she said that the corridor was open, noting that although it was intended to be used for humanitarian purposes, Armenia has been transporting land mines, weapons and military personnel through the corridor to the territory of Azerbaijan. Referring to the problem of mines encountered by Azerbaijan in the liberated territories, the ambassador said that there was evidence that the mines recently discovered were produced in Armenia in 2021. She stressed that a group of Azerbaijanis were conducting a peaceful protest against such mines as well as the illegal exploitation of mines and quarries belonging to Azerbaijan.

    Abdullayeva said that the Lachin corridor is under the control of Russian peacekeepers and Azerbaijan cannot allow the transfer of Armenian soldiers, weapons and mines to its territories.

    She further noted, that Armenia was disseminating inaccurate information about the situation around the Lachin Corridor in order to continue its illegal activities.

    Ambassador Abdullayeva then proceeded to answer questions from journalists.

    Following the press conference, the journalists were introduced to exhibits on Azerbaijani history and culture displayed at the Embassy Cultural Center.


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